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10 years worth of weight
Monday, November 21, 2016      0 comments

The above is a graph of my weight going all the way back 10 YEARS to when I first joined Sparkpeople. I've gone through many cycles of activity/inac... Read more
I Know The Answers I'll Probably Get To This But......
Friday, November 04, 2016      5 comments

Should I just quit? I log in everyday, spin the wheel. I might comment on a few peoples things. But I am never really able to track calorie intake and this doesn't seem likely to change, exercise even when I do it, I don't remember to put ... Read more
11 and counting
Friday, July 15, 2016      0 comments

(up)... Read more
10 Days
Thursday, July 14, 2016      3 comments

10 Days and counting (up)... Read more
A Blog about my other blog
Friday, July 01, 2016      2 comments

This is a link to my other blog, and more specifically my most recent post. I'd appreciate it greatly if some of my spark buddies would give it a read. Yes, I'm THAT guy.... robosmitty9000.blogspot.
... Read more
Login record broken
Wednesday, March 09, 2016      2 comments

So every day from here on out is a new record for consecutive login days. Just feel like bragging.... Read more
Tied All Time Log In Streak Record
Tuesday, March 08, 2016      0 comments

Of 26 days,...so as long as I remember tomorrow....I'll have a new record, which is saying something because I've been a member since 2006ish IIRC. And every log in after that will be a new record until I eventually forget. ... Read more
Made it though the weekend logins
Sunday, February 28, 2016      0 comments

Usually I forget to login to spark on the weekends as I'm not always at a computer. Today is Sunday though so I made it both weekend days. Which means my log in streak will make it at least to 22 with the upcoming week, barring a sick day or som... Read more
Tuesday, February 02, 2016      2 comments

25 points from the wheel and then 20 more from the bonus spin today!!! Oh yeah!... Read more
After I post this
Sunday, January 31, 2016      6 comments

I'll meet the 300 point per month mark for the month, on the last day.....yay!... Read more
Saw pictures of myself today
Saturday, January 30, 2016      4 comments

I was horrified. My wife had good intentions, mostly recent pics of me with the new baby. Still, pretty taken aback at how big I've gotten.... Read more
Taken From A Chat With My Wife
Friday, December 11, 2015      3 comments

Her: How are you babe? Me: I ate all my veggies Her:Good boy Me: and my last chinese thingy I could have swore I had two left.... oh well I'm still really hungry but if i go look in the mirror and see how fat I am it's e... Read more
Anyone Else Miss The Monthly Challenge?
Wednesday, December 02, 2015      3 comments

Last month, and I don't know how many months before that there was a challenge to get to 300 points by months end. Some months I made it, some months I didn't. It gave me something to shoot for, got me more involved in the site. Now that i... Read more
Spark Streak Snapped
Monday, November 16, 2015      4 comments

Thanks to an out of town wedding and becoming sick I missed login in last Saturday. So the streak stopped at 26. A new goal to shoot for. I woke up from not feeling well about 20 minutes after midnight. But even then I wasn't thinking... Read more
Friday, November 13, 2015      1 comments

I need to remember to bring a toothbrush and toothpaste at work. I knew a guy at my previous job who would be brushing his teeth if I happened to go to the bathroom at just the right time. Does anyone else brush at work? I need t... Read more

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