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Wednesday, January 07, 2015      0 comments

SPECIFIC – Who: Me What: Is to maintain below 149.8lbs and have a bodyfat between 17-19% Where: Not sure how to answer this one but I’ll say in my life When: By May 1, 2015 How: By eliminating processed food and eating ... Read more
Maintain, Don’t Gain…Surviving the Holidays
Saturday, November 22, 2014      0 comments

My dietitian is running a month long free program on-line called Maintain, Don’t Gain…Surviving the Holidays ... Read more
Week 8: Reframing
Thursday, October 23, 2014      4 comments

The art of thinking differently emoticon When we’re stuck on a problem or in a situation, sometimes all we need ... Read more
Week 7: New insights
Wednesday, October 15, 2014      1 comments

It's safe to say that I won't make it back to my goal by my birthday in 3 weeks emoticon. I'm ok with that because I... Read more
Week 6: Getting my head back in the game
Friday, October 10, 2014      2 comments

So I've been in a self pity kinda state of mind. I finally decided to pull it together. I'm getting my head back in the game and doing what I said I was going to do. Stop focusing on the scale and focus on eating healthy. The one thing that I ha... Read more
Week 5: Time to Reboot: 0.6lb down - 8.6lbs to get back to GOAL
Wednesday, October 01, 2014      1 comments

This was a week of ups and ups and little downs but in the end I maintained. Must have been my massive workout yesterday. I'm ready to reboot and change things around. I'm finding that I'm not that hungry in the evenings as I used to be and I th... Read more
Week 4: 0.6lb down - 8.6lbs to get back to GOAL
Thursday, September 25, 2014      0 comments

Well life got in the way this week. I got sick and then my son got that virus that's going around and ended up in the ER all day Monday. So gee that meant that we both only had breakfast and it was a while before I was able to get good. By the t... Read more
BLC26 Expectations
Friday, September 19, 2014      2 comments

The more I get into this round (and it's only been a couple of days) the more I want to focus on developing better eating habits than caring about what the scale says. Yes I would love to get back under 150lbs but at this point in my life and al... Read more
Week 4: 1.4lb down - 7.8lbs to get back to GOAL
Wednesday, September 17, 2014      0 comments

Well at least the scale is going in the right direction but once again I'm only down 0.2lbs again. I believe my problem is snacking. I've been planning my 3 main meals a day but I haven't been planning my snacks. When I look at the end of the da... Read more
Week 3: 1.2lb down - 8lbs to get back to GOAL
Wednesday, September 10, 2014      3 comments

So I only lost 0.2lbs this week. Yes you read that right. I was totally hoping for 1lb but I guess that's all I was doing was hoping. I got sloppy with tracking every BLT but I think Monday I started doing a better job at tracking. I know ... Read more
Week 2: 1lb down - 8.2lbs to get back to GOAL
Wednesday, September 03, 2014      2 comments

It was a very bumpy week. I had a great first day but then life got in the way and I started snacking too much. Then I got back on track on day 3 and then the Labor Day weekend came. I figured no problem since we weren't traveling anywhere. Just... Read more
9.2lbs in 8 Weeks - My push to be back at goal by my 41st Birthday
Wednesday, August 27, 2014      1 comments

I’ve done these declaration before and it really only seems to work for a few weeks. I’m hoping this time it will work for the whole 8 weeks. I’m turning 41 on October 27 and since today is August 27 I’ve figured how cool it would be to get back... Read more
House Remodeling
Tuesday, July 22, 2014      6 comments

So because a tech guy did this to my kitchen floor We had to do this to the kitchen floor (took it out) ... Read more
BLC25 - Week 12 Fitness Test vs Week 1 & 6 Fitness Test
Monday, July 21, 2014      0 comments

Here are my results 20 Traditional Push Ups in 1 minute - Fitness Test 1 was 15, Fitness 2 was 20 (Shoulder issues so no real improvement there) 63 Crunches in 1 minute - Fitness Test 1 was only 45, Fitness was 64 09:36 minute 1... Read more
July Focus Eating Habits
Tuesday, July 01, 2014      3 comments

So now that I’m thinking what’s the next step for me? July will be all about focusing on nutrition. We all know that I workout like crazy but it’s not resulting in weight loss because my food intake is still my biggest struggle. So I will be goi... Read more

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