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Speak it & make it so # 16
Tuesday, August 19, 2014      4 comments

Today my 4 th grandson , or as I like to call them Grand dude was born. My new gift from heaven is Brian Isaiah Scott , 7 lbs 13 oz. . I thank the Lord above for allowing me to see him ushered into this world. He was surrounded by love, laughter... Read more
Speak it & make it so time! # 15
Tuesday, August 12, 2014      6 comments

A week out of the hospital and I'm at work and even took a 10 minute walk. My body went haywire. My brain yelled ...WHAT IS SHE DOING WE DON'T WALK, EVER! My skin itched and my stomach said, " We're full is she trying to kill us ? I left for th... Read more
Speak it & make it so time! # 14
Saturday, August 02, 2014      3 comments

Hey y'all I'm studying for a pre-nursing exam, sorta, kinda. Every time I get overwhelmed or feel it coming on. I turn my eyes &/or my hands to heaven & just say, " God help me. " Awesome . I am having very little stress. I ordered a study gui... Read more
Speak it & make it so time! # 13
Tuesday, July 29, 2014      2 comments

We have the VICTORY? OH for goodness sake . I need to say it like I mean it! It has been easy enough to be" Debbie downer". I have her on automatic pilot. I have to Fake it till I make it when speaking or acting positively, why? For me it's bec... Read more
Speak it & make it so time! # 12
Saturday, July 26, 2014      1 comments

Well I'm taking better care of myself. Unfortunately that means that my doctors will be listed as dependents on my W-2's next year. I've been checked from the Rooter to the Tooter & I'm have no modesty left. As a matter of fact I told my doctor... Read more
Speak it & make it so time! # 11
Tuesday, July 22, 2014      4 comments

The sky is the Limit! For so long I have put my hopes and dreams and even my God in a little box . I was afraid if anyone saw them they would be taken away in a cloud of laughter and jeers. Well if not Now , WHEN !! I'm releasing all my hopes, ... Read more
Speak it & make it so time! # 10
Monday, July 21, 2014      4 comments

I am a Positive , Loving , happy Child of God. emoticon... Read more
Speak it & make it so time! # 9
Thursday, July 17, 2014      1 comments

When you don't know what to do , pray! This has really been helping me especially with my depression. When I'm being a bump on a log, I turn my hands up and simply say "God help." It may not come when I want it but it's always on time. Usually ... Read more
Speak it & make it so time! # 8
Thursday, July 03, 2014      3 comments

Hello dear Sparker friends. My brother & his kiddos are here from Dallas/Colorado to visit . I isolates so terribly I almost told them not to come. My brother knows me so well & said " You have got to get over being so embarrassed of what you do... Read more
Speak it & make it so time! # 7
Thursday, June 26, 2014      4 comments

What a fabulous day! I was out to a comedy matinee with a friend /co- worker. What a blast!!!! We were the only ones in the place & did we ever have fun. We decided we would totally act the way we wanted but would never allow our "lady like" sel... Read more
Speak it and make it so X # 6
Wednesday, June 25, 2014      4 comments

Spent a lazy day in bed but up in the morning which is 9 PM for my support group and praying with my sister in Christ. Now I am ready for the day. Have a great one. ... Read more
Speak it & make it so time! # 5
Tuesday, June 24, 2014      3 comments

My energy level raised a little today. I did some of the things in the house I needed to do, and enjoyed it! I have a lot of trouble letting things go ... so a shredding I will go. I did quite a bit of tossing and trashing. I look forward to my... Read more
Speak it & make it so time! # 4
Sunday, June 22, 2014      6 comments

Speak it & make it so time!-----I am strong and powerful. I love to work out alone & with others. My goals for the future are attainable. My short term goals are fun & help me reach my future long term goals. I don't eat healthy, this is now nor... Read more
Speak it & make it so time! # 3
Saturday, June 21, 2014      0 comments

Tonight work has been slow & steady & I'm so grateful! Looking fwd to sleeping the morning away, after work tonite. Have a great day. ... Read more
Speak it & make it so time! #2
Friday, June 20, 2014      2 comments

My Monday: Tried new uniforms yesterday, will there even be a size that will fit me? Did a little catch up work. Frantically afraid today ,so I talked with a good friend , took her good advice & guess what? I had not even noticed how perfec... Read more

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