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Gave up
Thursday, June 03, 2010      6 comments

looking back on this past year, I can see that I just gave up, lost the man I loved (he didnt love me) & the woman who I thought of as my best friend ( she was stabbing me in the back), then he came back into my life, yeah the whole time I was w... Read more
Wednesday, June 02, 2010      3 comments

Well fell off the wagon and coming out of the shock of it. Gained back 30 lbs., but I feel like I am ready to start again. Have started doing wall push ups daily, then went with the family on Monday for bowling, I think it was 2 hours or so... Read more
Thank You Spark buddies :)
Tuesday, April 28, 2009      2 comments

I just wanted to let you all know that I really appreciated all the love/email/ comments and goodies that were sent my way for my bday, it really meant alot 2 me. ... Read more
Mini Goals Done
Monday, April 20, 2009      2 comments

emoticon Well I set a few mini goals for myself on Saturday and I made them. It is so encouraging to see them ... Read more
Purge, throw and pack, repeat. LOL
Saturday, April 18, 2009      2 comments

well another day of purging, throwing then packing. The more I did the more I felt like I was just drowning n it all. I know that I am making progress; but there is just so much more to do. But it was a better day than the past 2. ... Read more
Migraines Suck
Friday, April 17, 2009      2 comments

ok so been having migraines for the past 2 days and nothing is working, resting, meds, nothing. I think one of the triggers is the weather, it has gone from hot 2 extremely cold. Does anyone do something that works?... Read more
Stressed Out
Wednesday, April 15, 2009      2 comments

ok so I have been over doing it and finally crashed, bummer. emoticon. so am going to rest 2day, cant handle anoth... Read more
Tuesday, April 14, 2009      1 comments

so was planning to spend maybe 6-8 hours purging, sadly was only able to handle 3 and a half 2day. I would have pushed on; but I got the worse stress headache, all of a sudden I felt sick to my stomach felt like I was going get sick right there.... Read more
Paper Purge
Tuesday, April 14, 2009      1 comments

so I spent 5 hours going thru boxes of papers, yuck. It had to be done; but it truly sucked. But I made a small dent, yeah truly small in the ginourmous amount of boxes and such. It is discouraging but I am trying to keep uplifted by listening t... Read more
Easter Meal
Monday, April 13, 2009      3 comments

I am happy to report that I was able to not pig out and go crazy at the Easter meal with family. I was so happy when I realized that I wasn't that hungry, that I felt full after so little. It was really exciting to say the least. My mom sa... Read more
3 more pds....
Saturday, April 11, 2009      4 comments

I weighted myself last nite and I have lost 3 more pds, I am so excited, the life style is kicking in. I am so excited, it shows that everything that I am doing is kicking in. ... Read more
The old and the new
Tuesday, April 07, 2009      1 comments

Not exactly sure what to call this, but I have noticed over the past few weeks that I have been coming in under my calories, so I have decided to change it by 100 calories. I feel that I am able to get what I need in a day under the new calories... Read more
Monday, April 06, 2009      2 comments

so was hit early this morning with a killer migraine. thought I was going to pass out. I was dizzy, felt like I was going to get sick, sound hurt and it hurt to see, u know behind ur eyes. Oh man it was bad, it went from headache to migraine so... Read more
Have u ever noticed.....
Monday, April 06, 2009      0 comments

Have u ever noticed that u can be eating totally healthy things and they be high calories? What's up with that? It can be soooo confusing, u know. I am trying to eat all healthy and also watch the size of foods. I believe that I am doing so mu... Read more
Depressing Saturday...
Sunday, April 05, 2009      6 comments

ok so I am having some issues with a person and so on Saturday I was just feeling depressed; though on a whole I did feel really drained and hungry. All week long I had done so well keeping inside my calories or below; but on Saturday oh my was... Read more

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