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Week 2 - Better Progress - Marathon Training
Tuesday, January 24, 2017      4 comments

As promised I am keeping up with my weekly goal check ins ;) - definitely felt more motivated last week for sure. I really like consistency! These check ins are not the most exciting to write but keep me on track for sure. Here goes, another ... Read more
Week 1 - Check In - Marathon Training
Wednesday, January 18, 2017      2 comments

Well, week 1 of marathon training has passed...my left leg still is tight and hurts but I am pushing through it. I am hoping that more outside runs will get my body ready. This marathon training time I am actually loading my workouts and... Read more
Back to Basics - 2017 Resolutions!
Monday, January 09, 2017      3 comments

Happy New Year! I am a little behind on posting my New Year's Resolutions - BUT, I have been *really* bad about keeping up with my Sparkpage/Sparkblog as well! For 2016 I didn't spend a lot of time visiting around here and when I started o... Read more
Running Slower BUT Happier ;)
Monday, July 18, 2016      5 comments

Hello there Sparkers! It has been forever since I have graced these parts, I have been so very bad about keeping up with my Sparkpage in general. I mean, my pics in my intro page are from 2012! Just sad...I thought about changing them tod... Read more
MAY - MAGICAL Moments!
Tuesday, May 24, 2016      2 comments

Well Hello There Fellow Sparkers, Sparkpage, SparkFriends ;) It's been a LONG time for me around these parts for sure! As they say I'm "living the dream" so to speak! In all seriousness though...why have I been soooooooo absent?? I... Read more
2016 Resolutions - The Year of HAPPY!
Saturday, January 02, 2016      4 comments

Okay - so when I just typed out the blog title I seriously starting thinking about little minions singing...cause I'm HAPPY! Speaking of HAPPY...HAPPY New Year's Sparkers!! In preparation of today's blog entry I took a trip down memory l... Read more
2015 - REBIRTH Reflections
Wednesday, December 30, 2015      1 comments

It has been forever since I've logged into my Sparkpeople account never mind blogged! With the new year fast approaching I figured now is as good of time as any to "check in" and share what's been going on in my world. Although I have not been... Read more
So, I am running a MARATHON tomorrow...
Saturday, October 17, 2015      4 comments

It has been forever since I've logged onto Sparkpeople never mind writing a blog! I have been super busy and dealing with lots of life changes. All throughout I have tried to maintain some level of consistency and trained for a marathon becaus... Read more
Where I want to be...
Monday, June 15, 2015      2 comments

I read this statement this morning from one of my fav (and most popular) runner bloggers out there, Hungry Runner Girl... Comparing yourself to where you used to be is pointless. Focus on where you are now and put in the work that it takes... Read more
Highly Distracted
Monday, June 08, 2015      2 comments

It sounds negative but it truly is NOT, right now I am HIGHLY distracted with LIFE! After my last marathon, it was kind of a relief not to have so much structure in my workout routine. I am settling in with my new life primarily as a singl... Read more
Cox Marathon - 4:07:11 - the NON race report
Friday, May 08, 2015      3 comments

On Sunday I finished my fourth FULL marathon, the Cox Marathon right in Providence. This marathon finish was bittersweet. Yes, I am proud I did it, it was not my best finish time but it was not my worst either. However, for some reason I... Read more
MARATHON Training Week 16 & 17 - Training Blog before the RACE REPORT
Wednesday, May 06, 2015      2 comments

Wow, I am wicked behind on my updates but for future reference I want to document my training stats. My last two weeks of training before this marathon were not so fantastic. My body ached, I did a 5K with dismal results which was not very sma... Read more
MARATHON 4 Training Weeks 13-15 - Apparently, I am running a MARATHON next week
Thursday, April 23, 2015      2 comments

Yeah...and a 5K this Sunday... I have totally been in my zone with this marathon training cycle. What turned out to be a welcome distraction from my divorce ended up causing me to be exactly that...distracted. So much so in fact that I ju... Read more
MARATHON 4 Training Week 11 & 12 - With a HM thrown in for good measure
Thursday, April 02, 2015      2 comments

Still doing it, still plugging along with this marathon training cycle! Starting to feel sore all over but it is most likely phantom pains/panic as I will be doing my first round of 20 miles this Saturdays (YIKES!). I always freak out when I k... Read more
MARATHON Training WK 8, 9 & 10 - Still Training...
Saturday, March 14, 2015      2 comments

Long time no update yet again! For some reason I cannot get myself to keep up with my blog updates, perhaps because I do not have so many exciting things to share right now...I am plugging away at my training, my paces have been around the same... Read more

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