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Get a FREE copy of The Spark...
Thursday, January 14, 2010      2 comments

That's right, free. Go to mylifeinmommyland.blogsp
y-time.html to find out how. Act fast, this contest ends January 21, 2010!... Read more
Oops, I did it again...
Thursday, July 09, 2009      3 comments

I did really well this morning with my workouts. I did Wii Active first thing this morning, I was early for my step class so I walked the track at a good clip for 10 minutes. The step class was 30 minutes and there was a 15 minute abs class righ... Read more
Check me out
Monday, July 06, 2009      2 comments

I started a non weight loss blog about my life as a wife and mother. I Just started it Saturday but plan to post everyday. You can find me at www.mylifeinmommyland.blogspot
.com Stop by some time!... Read more
How I'm going to spend MY Sparkaversary.
Wednesday, July 01, 2009      4 comments

Anyone who reads my blogs regularly knows I've suffered yet another set back. Well, that ends TODAY! I'm back on track and ready to roll. I think today is the perfect day to renew my efforts towards a healthy life; it's my 6 month Sparkaversary!... Read more
How Bouncer Lost Her Groove
Tuesday, June 23, 2009      7 comments

Like always, I get into a "groove" of working out, getting stuff done around the house and just being a productive person...Then I have a set back. This time my setback came in the form of injury. Saturday, June 13 was a beautiful day, so I w... Read more
Why My Husband ROCKS!!
Saturday, June 06, 2009      3 comments

For some time now I've been wanting a heart rate monitor to help enhance my workouts, but I didn't want to get just any HRM. It was important to me that it be reliable, accurate and have useful features. I had picked out the Polar FT40. It's a P... Read more
The end of Bootcamp.
Saturday, May 30, 2009      1 comments

Today marks the end of bootcamp. Going into this, I was hopeful it would be exactly what I needed to finish my weight loss and tone up. Well, bootcamp has turned out to be a little disappointing to me. I religiously followed each video everyday,... Read more
Bootcamp Begins!
Sunday, May 03, 2009      2 comments

Ok, so here we go, day one of bootcamp! As part of my first challenge I want to post my current stats. Weight: 122.4 pounds Waist: 28.5" Hips: 33.75" Bicep (left): 8.5" Thigh (left): 17" I'm hoping to lose my last 7-8 pounds... Read more
My "Trouble Goal"
Monday, April 13, 2009      5 comments

I don't think I have just one goal that I have a hard time achieving, it's more like a juggling act. I have all these goals (balls), and I can never have them all in the air at the same time. If I'm drinking my 8 glasses of water a day I'm not t... Read more
I did it!!!
Saturday, March 28, 2009      10 comments

That was amazing! My first ever 5K race and I killed it. I started near the front of the pack, quickly passing others, leaving my husband in my dust (or spray, since it was wet out). It was like all the stars had aligned just for me. My power... Read more
Time Trial #2
Sunday, March 22, 2009      3 comments

Well, here I am, less than one week from the big race. I am happy to announce that this past week I was able to cut a nice amount of time. Today I was able to run my 3.1 miles in 29:48 seconds. So you don't have to look back at my first time tra... Read more
Tuesday, March 17, 2009      4 comments

I'm angry with SparkPeople today! I had a HUGE workout day; 50 minutes on the elliptical at the Y, 50 minutes worth of strength training, then I did another 33 minutes of running. I wanted to GPS my usually road run so I know what I'm doing when... Read more
Time Trial #1
Saturday, March 14, 2009      3 comments

Ok, two weeks until my very first 5K race. I wanted to get an idea of what I was up against, so I did my first of three "time trails" this morning. I can run 3.1miles (5K) in 31:08. Not too bad since I haven't run in almost 3 weeks. I'll do an... Read more
Having a hard time getting back in the saddle.
Thursday, March 12, 2009      2 comments

So as a lot of you might already know I had the flu last week. I cannot remember a time when I was so sick; 102 degree fever, chills, aches, no appetite. All I did for a full week was lay in bed and sleep. My life before the flu was much diffe... Read more
I need a swim suit.
Tuesday, March 10, 2009      1 comments

Oh man, I hated buying bathing suits BEFORE I had this extra "baggage" this is really going to suck! Cameron's friends usually go to the pool after school Tuesdays and Thursdays and they've been asking us to come for weeks. Well, I've been pu... Read more

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