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Wednesday, July 22, 2009      1 comments

I went to zumba tonight! and I feel GREAT! It was my 2nd time going. I'm convinced it's the secret to being skinny. I found a class at a local gym that offers it to non members for only $7 per class!!!! It's a whole hour of booty shaking,... Read more
ohai....me again.
Tuesday, July 21, 2009      1 comments

so I oined sparkpeople in DECEMBER!!!!! and I'm still only at 170. I've literally lost 5 lbs in a little over 6 months. That is terrible. But really all it says to me is that I haven't been trying ...at all. new plan: if at first (or s... Read more
If your significant other gained weight, would it bother you???
Tuesday, May 05, 2009      3 comments

well, my answer is a strong and confident NO! I can say this for sure because he has, but I still find him as sexy as ever. Unfortunately, I can't say that he feels the same way about me and my weight gain - and he's made it clear - abundantly ... Read more
gained a boyfriend...and 30 lbs
Tuesday, March 17, 2009      2 comments

this was 2 summers ago when we first started dating... I was a "happy" 145 and he was a gym rat who had tight strong muscles and almost a six pack...he had since high school. ... Read more
Thursday, March 12, 2009      0 comments

so there's a reason I hven't blogged in a while... I fell off the weightloss wagon and wasn't ready to admit it. And then I hurt my foot and it got worse. I almost knew this was going to happen. As soon as school started back up again, ... Read more
E! True Hollywood Story
Wednesday, January 21, 2009      1 comments

So I'm bored. And while I should be doing a number of thing (including reading for school, heading to the gym, writing out invitations for a party i'm planning) I instead turned on the E! True Hollywood story on Fad Diets on Demand. Guess wh... Read more
Wednesday, January 21, 2009      1 comments

i love it! love it love it love it! I'm a ski-er anyways but my boyfriend just "inherited" a snowboard from his ex-roommate and wanted to try it out and asked me to come along. I wnt to do it again and again and again. I fell for the first 2... Read more
Tuesday, January 13, 2009      1 comments

holy crap SEVEN POUNDS!!!! ok...so i know i was sick this weekend so this is probably not a completely accurate number, but 168 just SOUNDS so much better than 175. And it motivates even more. bring on week 3!!!! I'm off to work the... Read more
Tuesday, January 06, 2009      0 comments

I am super psyched with myself today! I went ot the gym, did 45 min on the elliptical, 10 min on the stair-demon, strength training for 30 min and then I tore it up on the bike for another 20 min. I felt amazing. Also I weighed myself bef... Read more
Tuesday, January 06, 2009      1 comments

I am upset with myself. I didn't do yesterday's boot camp video OR today's OR go to the gym OR do my strength training. I feel a little overwhelmed with the bootcamp. I don't think i should've signed up for it. It's screwing me up. And a... Read more
end of week 1
Sunday, January 04, 2009      0 comments

so today is the end of week one, however I've sgned up for the new YOU bootcamp so essentially it's the start of week 1 also. (this is actually kind of fitting, since this seems to be how my life is going too.) First of all, since I'm a li... Read more