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Trying to Find Balance
Monday, February 28, 2011      1 comments

I spent the first five weeks of the year faithfully logging my food and exercise. I worked my way into exercising every single day, usually for about an hour each day. I then started working out even longer after work each day - some times... Read more
This Too Shall Pass... At Least I Sure Hope So!
Thursday, February 03, 2011      2 comments

This is me... I'm on Day 3 of being iced in with more snow and ice to come tonight. In case you can't read it all: Day 1 - SNOW!! No school! No work!! Sleds! S... Read more
1 Small Loss, 2 Big Gains
Sunday, January 30, 2011      2 comments

Well, it had to happen sometime. For the first three weeks of the month I showed multi-pound losses at each weigh-in. Yesterday I only had a loss of 0.2 pounds for Week 4. And I admit, I was a little bummed about it. But then I realized ... Read more
I am NOT on a DIET!
Sunday, January 23, 2011      3 comments

Last night we had dinner out with on of our adult children. Once she heard me order a salad with the dressing on the side, she asked if I was on a diet. I quickly told her "no", I was on a diet but I've been making healthier food choices and e... Read more
My Job is Encouraging Everyone to WALK!
Saturday, January 15, 2011      6 comments

Since January 3, I've had a pedometer attached to me every day, tracking the number of steps I've walked. At work, we've formed a walking club. 44 of us were divided into teams of four walkers each. We track our steps every day and at the end... Read more
I Don't Ever Want to Lose This Feeling!!
Wednesday, January 12, 2011      1 comments

Is this just a "honeymoon" period? Once, the newness wears off will I feel differently? Right now, 12 days in, I'm making good food choices, planning (and actually doing) my workouts, and feeling great about all of it! I've only had one... Read more
I Need Juggling Lessons!
Thursday, January 06, 2011      2 comments

Either that, or I need 26-hour days! I've jumped into my healthier, more active life with both feet, but I've lost time for other things I enjoy. Pre-SP, I would spend my evenings scrapbooking and reading. Now I'm working out for about an ho... Read more
Uh Oh... It's Almost Monday
Sunday, January 02, 2011      2 comments

I've been away from work for the last two weeks, and during that time I've been able to relax, rejuvenate, start working out, and mentally prepare myself for the changes I am making in my life. But tomorrow I go back to reality and I know it wi... Read more
My Word for 2011 is...
Saturday, January 01, 2011      3 comments

ACCOMPLISH! One thing I've learned about myself is that I'm a GREAT planner, but I don't always follow through with my plans. 2011 will be the year that I actually set goals and meet them. I will have to organize my time better than I... Read more
My Lightbulb Moment
Thursday, December 30, 2010      1 comments

Greetings all! I wandered into SP today because I had heard good things about it, and I knew I needed to make changes in my life. After registering and looking around for half an hour, I realized what I was going to have to do differently ... Read more