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Dd is for donuts, didn't

Friday, September 07, 2007

Dd is fordonut, didn't
last night when I ate at work, it was a bananna then 1/4 cup of applesauce and then a glass of milk. I'm increasing the number of good things that I'm eating in a setting. Before would have eaten one of those good things.

Ok, 70829, now is my time to wonder if the consulting position is better for me to take rather than asking for a full time position with their company. I don't know how or who to ask about how to keep my own books.

Rather than a donut, I'm starting to eat one slice of white bread......I know, white bread isn't good for me. But for now, there are fewer bad things in that slice of bread, I'm eating it at home, and then eating more good things. Soon, i will feel comfortable subsituting the wheat bread for it.

70829..ok, now, I'm nervous about the new job, and I'll have fewer problems about eating too much! The nerves will keep me from over eating. What a way to get through the 170's!

My day got rescheduled about, I thought that I had it to myself and told everyone that I wouldn't be available. Now I find out that the other grandparents are watching the grandbaby tomorrow and I'm not, but that I'm watching her this evening. Why that messes with my brain is beyond me......guess doing my laundry is areal pain and I need blocks of time doing it since I have to be courteous to other apartment residents. Then, I'm cleaning a little bit here and a little bit there, so nothing seems done. And today, I've ran into people who have bigger problems than I do, so I've been coming home and thinking how they should solve their situation. One lady who has seen me a couple of times rather dumped on me......just dumped....her roof leaks, and several other home repair problems along with her vacuum cleaner doesn't work along with, oh, she has cancer. And I answered, "what a bummer" then she took that with a moment of silence then told me how she didn't get the right information about the beginning sets of treatment from the doctor or from the nurse, but from the office person who schedules the series of treatment. And what am I scoffing about? I am healthy only struggling with getting one foot in front of each other to get that darn laundry basket upstairs with clean dry laundry and out of the basket and into the drawers, and wipe, scour the microwave glass tray so that I can nuke some veggies.

I made chicken salad and had everything in the refrig.

I stopped walking in the neighborhood for the past six months......I love being outside here, and I've stopped. Hm....maybe it's time for a change!

Didn't. Well I like to drive to different parts of the city and see different things. I also have a habit of swimming then stopping at McDonalds for a $1.00 sandwich and a $1.00sunday. I'm trying to change going to McDonalds, and that I succeeded in........drove past and then planned to go home. Only when I got close to my drive, I didn't want to go home yet. So I drove to another part of the city and saw where some of the different roads went. Only hunger hit bad time.....really bad.....no guessing, it was food that I wanted and I was hungry.......so I went to a deli and got a real pepsi, chips, hostess cup cake, ice cream. Nearly 1000 calories, geeze louise......it was good, and I sat in the glass enclosed patio and watched the nearby garage sale Saturday people doing their things as airplanes went dropping into the nearby small airport. i sat and ate and enjoyed, only it was when I was done that I wondered how many calories I had consumed. Then just now I wondered if I had taken some ice water along to the swimming pool, if I partially been thirsty......so now another challenge is not to let this happen. But how do I give up something where I was content and interested in my surroundings. I've noticed that when I eat like I did today, my mind is rather free to wander where it wants to go, and that gives me comfort. Interesting, huh?

I was diagnosed with a hearing problem a couple of months ago and I thought that I had a learning disability. Only, it's a hearing loss. I haven't gotten my hearing aid yet, wondering how my life will/might change, I guess they aren't the answer to everything. But since I've been diagnosed, I've observed and am more aware of the conversations that I'm not able to take part in, because I'm not following as the conversation switches. Real bummer, huh?
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