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Cc is for chickens, chillin......

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Chickens--memories of mom's chickens,
I think that they are the stupidest animals about, but mom knew her chickens and her ability to manage those animals from when we got them as fertilized eggs and put them in the hatchery and then into our chicken coop and then watching her as she and my dad butchered some periodically for meals and then getting the eggs from them and then some of her older chickens were almost 4-5 pound chickens, and the meat was so good.

Cc is for Chips, pepsi, and dip......well, ok, all of this fresh fruit and fresh veggies, and then this week I added another water aerobics class on my schedule and this am the water instructor of the one I've been attending, has picked up the pace, for a while it was just a social group where we would tread water and talk to different people. So today she picked up the pace, and my body said, whew! enough! After class I went to a deli and bought chips, dip, and pepsi, my comfort food and I got a courtesy cup of ice and I sat in the parlor there and ate the junk food. I'm picking up the pace of the exercise and now I'm beginning to feel, what's the word? I'll slaughter it if I write it.......so I think that there are some good changes going on in my body and I'm not sure what those feelings are or I'm coming down with the flu. I came home and canceled my activities for the rest of the day, put on some comfy sweats and kicking back.....You know what, though, I couldn't scarf down as much of the chips, dip and pepsi and I once could......imagine that. Take care now.

Three hours later--imagine that, under the covers in a room with no air conditioning and with sweats on and crying, what is this? Then got up and was sluggish for about two more hours, now starting to clean my apartment. Summer flu? Major pity party? Wow, interesting. No other symptoms.

Challenge......I found my former supervisor's recommendation for me in the bulk mail. What a place for it. Just for today, I need to focus on giving as much qality time to my job search today. I gave up seven days of pay, took time off my part time job to be open to babysitting for my granddaughter while my son and wife traveled, him for his job and she for vacation. I stopped by last night and they were putting in a ndw kitchen stove. I want the toddler to call me what she decides and I have to be called what they decide. Right now, she's calling me just grandma and the other grandma, grandma mary. Trying to figure out if/how I should say something appropriately. Actually, my life is a mess right now. I have to stay focused right now and give 8 hours today to the job search.

Chillin out on a Sunday morning...need to eat before I go to work. I'm up a pound. I worked for four days on a math test and turned it in last night, so went to a movie. I bought a hot dog, fruit drink and popcorn. Movie, Simpsons, showed the family as really dysfunctional with Bart on the bedroom floor drunk. Need to rethink my relatinship with food, and when does the planning all start for getting nutritional food into my body. i'll eat before I go to work, and will be running for eight hours, they don't give breaks and it's grab as you can, don't understand how they can do it, oh well.

I don't know what to do next for the job search for the full time job, just don't know what to do, and the relationship with my daughter in law, I can take the conversation from high to low in about six minutes after we start talking. I feel isolated. Rebuilding takes so long. One thing for sure, no guys in my life, as if there was an opportunity now, lol. Others seem to have problems worse than mine, so part of me thinks why should I ask for help when others need it more than me? Guess, I'll ask for help and hope that the others are ok. I went to the movie alone, never has made much sense why others go with people to movies? Can't talk to those around you, just sit besides them....I must be misssing something here.

Um.......I'm traveling for training in an on-line situation! If they like what they see, well, then I'll be offered a job.....Ta da!
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