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03/04/21 There is Light

Thursday, March 04, 2021

"Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness." Desmond Tutu

"When you said that you wanted to be a friend 'with benefits', I assumed that you meant that you worked at a bakery, a liquor store, a chocolate factory, a maid service, a spa, or that you were a pizza delivery person."

A little boy wanted $100, badly and prayed for two weeks but nothing happened. Then he decided to write a letter to the Lord requesting the $100.

When the postal authorities received the letter addressed to the Lord, USA, they decided to send it to the President. The President was so impressed, touched, and amused that he instructed his secretary to send the little boy a $20.00 bill. The President thought this would appear to be a lot of money to a little boy. The little boy was delighted with the $20.00 and sat down to write a thank-you note to the Lord. It said:

Dear Lord,
Thank you very much for sending me the money. However, I noticed that for some reason you had to send it through Washington, DC and as usual, those jerks deducted $80.00.


It's National Grammar Day! It's about paying attention to the proper usage and tense of our words. Anybody else remember parsing and diagramming the sentences in grade school? Watch out for split infinitives and dangling modifiers! Understanding the elements of grammar, such as comma placement, can lead to big implications: per bing "A recent multimillion-dollar lawsuit hinged on a missing serial comma that allegedly changed a sentence's meaning." Designated by the Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar, today was chosen because it sounds like an imperative just as several celebrations are based on today being March 4th, so you've been warned.
--Benjamin Harrison Day: today has several listings as Benjamin Harrison Day but no explanation as to why; he was the 23rd US President but his birthday is nowhere near March 4th; maybe he's celebrated in a home state; so, if you're observing Benjamin Harrison Day, hats off!
--Courageous Follower Day: today is about thinking whom you consider a hero and whom you would follow; a worthy endeavor in today's climate.
--Holy Experiment Day: today is to try something of a religious nature you haven't tried before.
--Hug a GI Day: today is to hug a service member to say thanks; chosen for today due to the command March Forth.
--International GM's Day: aka Game Master Day; dates back to the 1970's when the game master coordinated mail-in games as folks mailed in their moves and the game master mailed back the updated board; in today's video games, the game master acts as referee, moderator, and judge; chosen for today because the action command March Forth.
--International Scrapbooking Industry Day: today celebrates the method for preserving personal and family history through scrapbooks; there are so many variations and styles, pick what speaks your heart.
--March Forth Day: it's a fun reminder we are to march forth into our lives and live our dreams and aspirations; of course, there's no connection between today's date and the holiday's name. (wink-wink).
--Marching Music Day: aka Marching Band Day; today celebrates all varieties of art forms of music on the move; old military units marched to the beat of the drums and drill teams parade to the fife and drum; again, chosen for today because they March Forth.
--National Dance the Waltz Day: no info as to why today since it doesn't march forth, but any day is a good day to move and glide to a waltz.
--National Hospitalist Day: observed on the first Thursday of March; this is a fairly new holiday of celebrating hospitalists; a relatively new sub-group of physicians, hospitalists practice strictly in the hospital setting and do not have outside patients; the feeling is they can provide better care when the providers are anchored in the hospital setting.
--National Pound Cake Day: today is a salute to a yummy dessert; the old versions lived up to its name, a pound each of butter, sugar, eggs, and flour; the early pound cakes originated in British 1700's.
--National Snack Day: today is about eating all kinds of snacks, healthy or not, even skipping meals; we Sparkers can observe today and still eat healthy and stay on plan.
--National Sons Day: today is to highlight the importance and significance of raising sons; it's to highlight the need of male role models for life skills and for how they should treat girls and women.
--Old Inauguration Day: from 1793-1933, the inauguration of the President and Vice-President of the US was performed on March 4th; as travel became more efficient, the inauguration was moved to January 20 in 1937.
--World Book Day (UK and Ireland): observed on the first Thursday of March in the UK and Ireland; today is an annual charity event in the United Kingdom and Ireland on the first Thursday of March; every child in education is given a voucher to spend on books.
--World Obesity Day: today is a global effort and an annual campaign that aims to stimulate and support practical actions that will help people achieve and maintain a healthy weight and reverse the global obesity crisis; the celebration was originally on October 11 but changed in 2020.
--In 1917, Jeannette Rankin became the first female elected to the US Congress. Rankin, a Montana Republican, was elected to the House of Representatives; she would vote against entry into WWI plus for women's voting rights.
--In 2018, Jordan Peele became the first African American to win the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay with his "Get Out", an allegory of American race relations.
--In 1933, Frances Perkins became US Secretary of Labor, making her the first woman to serve as a member of the Cabinet. From Women You Should Know: "Perkins was selected by FDR for the job, a post she held for twelve years. As one of the most trailblazing women in the history of the U.S. government, she played a pivotal role in many of the New Deal reforms, and fought for child labor laws, social security, unemployment insurance, and the federal minimum wage."

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