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Setbacks and restarting

Monday, March 01, 2021

Long time no Spark!...

I ended up having a manic episode brought on by the hydrocortisone pills that were prescribed to me after the surgery. I was in the hospital for a week and they wanted me to do this really awful group therapy after that, which I dropped out of after a week to continue with my 1 on 1 sessions. It was a CRAZY TIME which left me feeling very weak and out of it, but luckily my friends and family were there for me and my husband is taking care of me as I recover (he's so, so good to me).

Things have calmed down mentally. I'm able to finally focus again (funny how being off of ADHD medication will make you feel like a spaced out zombie). My fatigue levels are still pretty high and my muscles are sore, but I'm on the mend for sure, and I seem to be stronger each day.

It's been super cold and icy/snowy here until the past week, which I've used as an excuse not to exercise (to be fair, I have a LOT of excuses but most of them have been legitimate, whereas this one not so much). Now that it's warmer and things have melted I have been getting out to the parks more.

I've put on a negligible amount of weight since November - about 2-3 lb., putting me at about 362.

This past week I did twice as many steps as any week since the end of December. I'm proud of myself for that, but amazed at how sore it's making me. I guess I'll get the hang of it again, slowly. I know I can get back to where I was last year.

We also started swimming again for the first time since November ::YAY::! The coronavirus cases here are going down, and my doc said it's a very low-risk activity, so we restarted our membership and have gone twice so far. It's SO GOOD for my sore muscles and joints, and makes me feel so happy. Stretching in the hot tub afterwards also does wonders for my knees and hips.

My goals for this week:
Swim 1 time, walk 2 times, strength train 1 time
Drink bone broth at least 5 days
Try to make good choices nutritionally, but don't beat myself up since I'm still recovering

Goal for March:
-Strength train at least once a week with my personal trainer,
-Swim at least once a week,
-Walk 2-3 times a week,
-Get below 360 lb again
-Keep takeout and delivery down to twice per week
-Start tracking carbs again just to see where I am, but don't stress about it too much
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