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Weigh-In #12

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

I've been shredding lately, using a high quality fat burner and it's been going really well. I am really slimming down all over and getting a lot fitter really fast. I've added in squats now to work on toning and should see some better results from that. So here's my progress this week.

Starting Weight: 288.4
Last Weight: 274.6
CW: 273.4
Weight Lost This Week: -1.2 lbs
Total Weight Lost: 15 lbs
this is a good loss. It's right on track and slow losses are what I want. I'm looking for permanent weight loss that won't bounce back on.

Highest BMI 46.9
Last BMI 44.7
Current BMI 44.3
BMI Lost this Week: 44.9*
Total BMI Lost: (I took my BMI with my clothes on this morning so this isn't accurate)
Target BMI: 21.1
I can't really speak to this this week. I was in a hurry this morning and so I didn't weigh the same way I usually do so my numbers may be off.

Highest Body Fat 50.7%
Last Body Fat 49.6%
Current Body Fat 50%
Body Fat Lost This Week+0.4%
Total Body Fat Lost: 0.7%
Target Body Fat %: 33%
I'm on a fat burner so I should be losing fat but I think these numbers are off. We'll reserve judgment till next week.

Lowest Body Water 35.2%
Last Body Water 36%
Current Body Water 35.7%
Body Water Gained This Week: -0.3 %
Total Body Water Gained: +0.5%
Target Body Water: 50%
too much dehydrating coffee

Lowest Bone Mass 8.2 lbs
Current Bone Mass: 8 lbs
Target Bone Mass: Not below 5.5 lbs

Highest Visceral Fat 15
Current VF: 15
Visceral Fat Lost This Week: +1
Total VF Lost: 0
Target Visceral Fat: 7

Starting BMR 1922
Last BMR 1842
Current BMR 1859
BMR Gained This Week: +17
Total BMR Gained -63
Target BMR 2780
I can't be bothered with BMR right now

Starting Muscle Mass 134 lb
Last Muscle Mass: 129.4
Current Muscle Mass: 130
Target Muscle Mass: Not Below 90 lbs
starting to make a little progress with muscle mass. Been lifting weights and doing sculpting exercises and upping protein and seeing some results here.

Starting Protein 8.5%
Last Protein: 8.6%
Current Protein 8.6%
Protein Gained This Week: --%
Total Protein Gained: 0.1%
Target Protein: 18%

Starting Skeletal Muscle Rate 26.6%
Last SMR: 27.2%
Current SMR: 27%
SMR Gained This Week: -0.2%
Total SMR Gained: +0.4%
Target SMR: 55%
struggling a little with my stats this week but it was a high stress week that was hard on my body.

Starting Fat-Free Body 33.8%
Last FFB: 33.1%
Current FFB: 33.3%
FFB Lost This Week: +0.2
Total FFB Lost: 0.5%
Target FFB: 20%
don't have much to say about this really. I'm not sure these are accurate.

Starting Lean Body Mass 142 lb
Last Lean Body Mass: 137.2lb
Current LBM: 138
getting leaner.

Starting Body Type: Good Body Shape
Current Body Type: Need Exercise
still need exercise. working on it.

Starting Body Score 78
Current Body Score: 78
body score went down. So I'm thinking this is because I'm actually getting fitter so my scale has higher expectations of me.

So I'm doing really well all around. My healthy diet and exercise have been making a big difference and it's showing on the scale.

(Just as a little PS: all the physical data from the device I use is relatively comparable to the data from professional devices)
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