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Here I Go Again

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

When something happens or you get some result that you don’t really like and you tell yourself that you ain’t going to do it again. Well guess what…you will probably do it again, and get the same results. Yes we are creatures of habit and maybe slightly crazy if we are expecting different results.

We all have some little habit that we would like to change. None of us are perfect. That’s why so many people make new year resolutions. They are trying to break a bad habit and replace it with a good habit. Some people try to quit smoking or drinking and replace it with exercise or dieting. Some people try to get control of their finances with budgets by becoming a minimalist.

Lately I have a bad habit of snacking late at night after work. This habit has caused a few episodes of waking up with heartburn. OMG, I hate that feeling! I really need a better nighttime routine if I want to stop the heartburn. I went a couple years without heartburn, so I don’t know why it’s started up again recently. Well actually I do…I started back up with snacking. But why? Obviously the snacks are not doing me any good.

For one thing, I have gained almost 2 pounds since Saturday…today is only Tuesday. So 2 pounds in 3 days is not good in my opinion. Now if I could lose 2 pounds in that same amount of time then I would be thrilled. So I definitely need some new habits. Something that will make me feel better… physically & mentally.

I ordered an 8-piece yoga mat set from Amazon, that should arrive tomorrow. Getting back into yoga sounds better than snacking. Hopefully it helps me sleep more and also help with backaches caused from severe scoliosis. Years ago while I was in high school, I had to wear a back brace that went around my neck and down to my hips. I was allowed to remove the brace for showers and to do a list of exercises that the doctor prescribed…those exercises were actually yoga poses but I don’t remember him ever actually calling it yoga.

I am also hoping that by replacing my bad habit (snacking) with a good habit (yoga) will help with what I will call “daily living” and eventually get my mind straight…or maybe I am expecting to much. Ask me in a month if I forget to post about how the yoga is going.

Well it was only 5 degrees Fahrenheit outside (about -12 Celsius) so that was my excuse for not going for a walk this morning when I got up today. It has now gotten up to 21 degrees Fahrenheit (-6.11 Celsius). If I take time to sit around waiting for the perfect time (warmer weather) than I usually just skip the walk. I know it will be cold outside every morning this week, so I really need to just get my coat, hat and gloves ready the night before. Pretty soon I will be out of coffee so if I want to have coffee in the morning I will have to walk over to the gas station. No matter what your opinion of gas station coffee is, at least it will get me walking outside. I only have 1 or 2 cups of coffee a day and always in the mornings, so I am pretty sure that the coffee isn’t causing my heartburn. Besides I was drinking coffee during the years that I didn’t wake up with heartburn.

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