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Day 41: Busy Day

Wednesday, December 02, 2020

It was an extremely busy day today. I was running basically from the time I got up until the end of the day. I did accomplish a lot more today than I did yesterday, and hopefully I can finish up the things here tonight that I didn't have a chance to get done this morning. Things are getting a lot busier again now that I am starting to heal more. I'm able to do a lot more and start seeing more happen in my life. The only thing I still really struggle with is my temper. I get angry really really easily and it's hard for me to calm down. Now I am seeing where Fritzy got it from.

Nutrition: Nutrition wasn't perfect today but my macros lined up pretty well and I actually tracked all my food today. I got in a lot of fruit/veg and really listened to my body as far as hunger/satiety signals and such. I even got to have some watermelon today which was really nice.

Hydration: Hydration is getting to be pretty easy when it comes to not drinking sugary drinks. I'm used to drinking sugarless drinks now, but I still need to be drinking more water. I drink more coffee than I should, but I've always been that way. I drink a lot of water first thing in the morning, but then later in the day I tend to drink other beverages and need to be drinking more regular water.

Exercise: Exercise is going so well. I'm really progressing with yoga these days and my ribs are starting to make good progress and are healing up a lot. I can even do Natarajasana again now (an actual standing yoga pose!) although only on one side because of my ribs I can't do it on the other side.

Sleep: I've been napping a lot and sleeping in late. I seem to be needing a lot of rest lately, which makes sense as my body has a lot of healing to do.

Quit Progress: Quitting is going fairly well. Not enjoying it all the time, but growing to like some things about it. It's a slow adjustment but it takes time.

General Health: My health seems quite good. Of course I still have a lot of improvements to make, but in general I'm quite healthy at this point.

Weight Loss Progress/Bloat/ Today I didn't have much inflammation or bloat. Not seeing much change with my weight, though. I don't know what to think about this. I just can't seem to change my weight no matter what lifestyle changes I make.

Motivation: I have a good deal of motivation right now. Ready to move forward and make changes.

Meditation: Meditation is going to be the first thing I do tonight.

I have a lot to do tonight so I'm ready.

Keep Sparking! emoticon
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