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Monday, November 23, 2020

I am loving my stationary bike. In 6 days (plus 1 of rest) I've got 77 miles on the odometer. It's great, It's basic, quiet and easy to move at 32 lbs. It has a LCD display with pertinent information, but it does not light up. And it has a comfortable seat. You change the tension with the turn of a dial which i prefer over programming in the ride. I can change tension as my music tempo changes. I don't want to get on the bike every morning but I know I can do 10 minutes but then I never stop there as the music keeps me going, 35-60 minutes. It's great. It's from xterrafitness.com

As we drove to the library yesterday we passed these apartments that are over the convenience store and garages at this gas station.

Usually this intersection is packed. I show you this because when looking for a place to live we looked at these 1 bedroom apartments, $1,900. per month, no parking (this is one block from the main street, a retail area). Can you imagine spending the Covid stay home over a gas station. This was one of the nicer places we looked at.

So this is why we were thrilled to find a house with a garage and yard even tho there is an apartment which has been added on the house, extremely common here to have 2 units on one property. Often it's the garage converted to an apt, but here we have an add-on. We have a new neighbor, a young nurse starting her 1st job. Lucky for us the lead of the work crew that the property manager uses was also against splitting up the back yard. It would have involved a fence dividing the small patio and he said he has enuf to do on the properties they manage in Montecito. We are out on the edge of Goleta way out of the way in a house he manages as a favor for his great aunt, real low priority being the only property out here and not the money he's getting in Montecito. Don't mind being the forgotten ones!

The fence would have gone from the left of the planter barely seen at the right edge of photo across the yard to end on the patio about 3 feet to the right of the brick BBQ, he already has built us a fence in the front to separate entrances, it's ugly.

I love this plumeria! It just keeps putting out a flower, only has 5 leaves but keeps blooming. And behind it is the part of the yard that would have been on the other side of the fence, along with the plumeria. That little shed back in the left is her storage shed and the blank white wall, her apartment.

Here is looking at the larger patio. on it's left is a green structure with a white vent, that is a hall that was formed to make a private walk from the structure's original back door to the utility room that is positioned behind her kitchen. Prior to us moving in the tenant there would have to walk on the house patio to do their laundry, awkward in my opinion. So that hallway wall is where the fence would have started. I thanked Ismael for voting NO! on his building a yard fence.

Also today, we headed to the beach which was fairly empty.

It was warm and pretty! Here's the whole pier.
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