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People just make me mad

Monday, November 16, 2020

Be careful, don't need to tell you about masks. My older siblings had polio so I appreciate the power of a vaccine, until then, do whatever you can! The new daily average for new cases in our county is 41, a 56% increase in 2 weeks yet the officials "we see a downward trend." Just where are they looking? Some nights someone will be on the news to tell us "it's not really that high, it's just we have a hot spot, known as Isla Vista", the town a mile from me that's adjacent to the University that is mostly filled with 18-22 yo, so let's not count them. WHAT!?!?!? Those young adluts are all over Costco and Target in Goleta. It is driving me crazy that there are still people denying this, the other thing, every news report ends with "they had underlying conditions". Imagine that, I've had such a condition since a teen. People anger me. One is the only local relative we have. He refuses to wear a mask and even questioned a nice lady at a drugs store that came in for her flu vaccine. He's an idiot and also had close relatives that had polio. I really am frustrated that people are so selfish. For Pete's sake, he is 51.

But happy news for me, delivered yesterday, a new stationary bike. I am so happy. Tacy ordered it for me- she takes good care of us! Our new neighborhood is very hilly (we live at the top) and it's hard on my heart, not supposed to raise my heat rate very much. The bike is right in the range I'm after. . I should be able to work up to a few of these hills as it's a great walking area.

Edit- at 4PM the State put our county in the highest level- Purple. Maybe someone will start to use some sense.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    My hubby and I always wear masks and it is so irritating to see how many people do not believe this is a deadly serious virus!!

    Hope you enjoy your new bike! That was so thoughtful of Tacy to get one for you!

    61 days ago

    I went to the dollar store ,the customers ,all had mask . But the clerks didnt
    we have the health dept for stores like these ,I sure dont mind turning them in.
    Its mandated .enter the store you must wear a mask

    64 days ago
    Marbea, I concur. No doubt those very same maskless fools will be the first to whine when they get sick.
    Have fun with your bike, it will be a super way to build up your stamina and endurance. emoticon
    65 days ago
  • LIS193
    Enjoy your new bike!
    65 days ago
    I know what you mean. We were in our masks at the grocery store the other night. An older woman got in line at least 10 feet behind us, no mask. All of the sudden she started a hacking cough for a couple minutes. I about freaked out! Really? Grrrrrrrr
    We see more and more now without masks. I went into Wendy's today, passed a young woman carrying a baby in a carrier, with another woman - no masks. The door clearly said mask required to come into Wendy's. Why would that woman risk bringing that baby in there? Stupid! No wonder the numbers are going up and up everywhere! It is easy to wear a mask, and it helps everyone stay healthy. At least by 70 % or more, depending on your mask, the experts say.
    Yes, makes me mad too. But, don't say anything to those not wearing one or you could get slugged, or worse shot! emoticon it's been happening in the news reports.
    Be safe. Glad you got a stationary bike. We love ours!! emoticon
    65 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/17/2020 1:09:54 AM
    Know the feeling. After a summer of low double digits of Covid we are getting a daily high of triple digits. Masks are now mandatory indoors in public places, but there are still some that refuse. They can say medical reasons and as we are not a police state they won't be called on it or refused admission. A lot of older men refuse to wear them here. The young people are complacent because all the news is only old compromised people are at risk of dying. For them its just a bad cold. A lot of our outbreaks were traced to gatherings and the presence of a super spreader. I am in a University city as well, but most of their classes have gone online. The public schools are half in and half out though.
    I would be extremely concerned about the safety of these rushed vaccines. It takes years of development and testing to make sure they are safe. They are pretty much skipping the testing or only on a small group of healthy individuals, not who they are ear marking them for.
    Enjoy your bike, glad you have a safe way to exercise now! Tacy is a sweetheart!
    65 days ago
    Such times as this where the young don’t have any regards for rules. I certainly recall a couple of my friends siblings contracting polio. How do you like your new stationary bike? I’m going to have to replace mine the seat is very narrow. Any suggestions on a brand? Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Stay healthy be safe.... emoticon emoticon
    65 days ago
  • ELSCO55
    It really is sad that people are so thoughtless
    66 days ago
    We are in the 20-30 new case a day range but it is discouraging when we were 30 cases a week! Stay Safe and enjoy your new bike.
    66 days ago
    We have just re-entered purple as well. Enjoy your bike.
    66 days ago
    Well, people should be responsible. I am really tired after I go out and wear a mask for any amount of time. But I do it Would rather not, but everyone needs to take responsibility
    66 days ago
    Agree 100%. Can't imagine not doing what would be best for me and others!
    66 days ago
    I am with you 100%
    Same here for this country.
    I am in a university town too....Scary..

    Happy you got your bike ...enjoy..
    66 days ago
    Congrats on ur new bike they're the best
    66 days ago
  • KAYDE53
    It’s sad so many don’t care about anyone but themselves emoticon Congrats on your new exercise bike! Happy pedaling!
    66 days ago
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