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The Labor Day Lie

Tuesday, September 08, 2020

The big fat Labor Day lie is that it brings the end of summer. The last day of summer is September 22nd. The truth is Labor Day is the pre-game for HOLIDAY season. That is what I am really concerning myself with right now.

If I use my 80/20 rule to assess how I fared over the holiday weekend, it wasn't a complete bust . I stayed active. I tracked my food. I drank my water everyday. I only missed my fruit and veggie goal on one day. As we gear up for the marathon of holiday seasons, I am going to make sure I am R.E.A.D.Y. I am not going to get cute and comfortable with frothy pumpkin drinks and fluffy sweaters then find myself back where I started come April.

What worked?
1. Planning- I knew I was going to be out and about so I pack snacks. For the day I went tubing, I drank some of my water really early (I refused to use a port-a-john) then finished up when I got back. I got my workouts done before leaving the house.

2. Mental Preparation- My family support ranges from super cheerleaders to well, the kind that make crazy comments about how skinny I am getting. I am by no measure skinny. I am smaller than what I was and if I decided to be air, that's really between me and my doctor. Besides, I've been fat all my life. I know what that feels like. Imma try this other thing out and see what that feels like. I have to remind myself we've been in quarantine and people haven't seen me in a while. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

3. Keep up with my tracking. Take pics of plates. Use the voice recorder on phone. Write before you bite. Don't lose your mind and start shoveling food in your face. If I don't track, I will forget and overeat. Very simple.

4. Set a time to exit. My family can eat ALL DAY. We eat good food. We eat food that I can't track or will blow through my calorie range within one sitting. I gotta get in and get out. I am not capable of hanging out all day and not nibbling on stuff. I am just not there yet. No amount of water and snacking on an apple can save me from the spread these people put out.

What didn't work?
5. Sparking late at night. I love checking in and reading all the blogs. The problem is I like to eat while I peruse the site. I was within range 2 nights in a row until I got home, stayed up messin' around on Spark and then ATE ALL THE SNACKS! Night routine out the window.

6. Sleeping in. I need to stay on my routine. It sounds great to lay in bed but, it throws everything off. Besides, the cats get angry. Bad Kitty screams at my door and shakes it when I am late with breakfast.

What I will try next time.
7. I am going to continue bringing my healthy dish. Sometimes my fam likes it. Sometimes it sits on the table collecting dust.

8. Back up exercise plan. I have my treadmill and workouts online but, I need a plan in the event I don't have power.

9. Bring measuring spoon. I have resisted this because it feels extreme. Now, I feel like this is my body and I don't care if people think it's weird. My fam thinks I am weird and crazy already- they still love me. It will be easy to pass it off as one of the quirky things I do. I would just feel better if I weren't trying to eyeball how much pasta salad or mac and cheese I'm eating.

I am gonna be ready to enjoy all upcoming holidays with my family. Most importantly, I am NOT going to let the winter months or these celebrations derail my success. I am just not going to let it happen. I am going to get up and keep Sparking every single day. This is my lifestyle. No days off. I am Ms. Most Improved!

I hope you enjoyed your weekend and are already back at it. I send you all the best wishes for continued success as you work on your health and fitness goals. WE GOT THIS! XOXO

Ms. Most Improved.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I love this blog. You have realized what works and what doesn't. You have a plan for going forward. You have got this! emoticon
    46 days ago
    planning and prepping ahead when possible. make the on ramp easier to practice good healthy habits... Sounds like you have a good plan! emoticon emoticon
    46 days ago
    By planning ahead you WILL win at the family gatherings!! Another thing I have done is pack my sneaks and ask a relative to cut out for awhile for a walk where we could catch up one on one 😉 and I always bring fancy tea bags and be a cup for sipping
    46 days ago
    I love the exit goal! that is awesome! and bring your own spoon...hmm that sounds like something I need to do at a few places for the rest of the yr...gonna have to think of that one also...right now I bring my beachbody food containers with me for serving sizes and ppl look at me strange but I don't care I need to get me back so no matter what u or I need to do will do it! good stuff!
    46 days ago
    This was an amazing blog, very reflective and insightful. I really enjoyed how you were able to breakdown everything and plan for the upcoming holidays. On a side note, my cat does the same as yours when I am late with breakfast.
    47 days ago
    Bump in the road, fall off the wagon? Get back up, be kind to myself and walk on. It's for life, not a quick diet and quit. It's to feel better, have more energy, have more fun. Do not give up on you. You've got this. 🌺
    47 days ago
    Yep, lots of good strategies here. At holidays I go ahead and track what I think is closest to what I'm eating. And, I only eat my very favorite things. The things Spark and some other resources have helped me learn and own is: Healthy is for life
    47 days ago
    Great strategies! Holidays are difficult, but after a few holidays under the belt, it gets a tiny bit better.

    47 days ago
    I like your exit strategy, my people are feeders--major feeders--and I need to get in and out like you. Very important in this holiday season. So relatable!
    47 days ago
  • 1BLAZER282005
    Yes I think planning is essential to staying on track for me and pre-tracking meals. Enjoy your day
    47 days ago
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