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Heading into the 4th Quarter

Sunday, September 06, 2020

It is unbelievable to me that we are already at September 6, 2020. What in the world happened to this year?!

Up here in northern lower Michigan and the Upper Peninsula, you would have no idea there was any sort of pandemic going on had everyone not been wearing face coverings/masks. It was BUSIER than normal for all sorts of businesses up here. And I can say, I am WORN OUT, and looking forward to things slowing down.

I think this year has given a lot of people time to reflect on the choices they've made, and choices they may want to make going forward in life. I know I've sat and thought about quite a few things during all of this -- I may also have just sat, quietly, staring at the TV.

One of the biggest things is that I do not feel FULFILLED. I wrote about this back in February, that while I'm good at my job, and it's appreciated by a lot of people, I just... it has no return. I don't "feel good" about it. Like, I want to get warm fuzzies on a job well done. It's like, everyone is just so demanding and critical and I AM WORN OUT and am getting to the point where I just don't care. I'd rather be doing anything else than what I'm doing now.

But, I have bills to pay, and that is my first goal: Get out of debt.

I've had that goal for a long time, but I've gotten really serious about it this year. The stimulus check helped me pay off two student loans and a credit card since it was like an extra paycheck, and not going anywhere or blowing money on crap also helped since I had more I could put toward debt. I just need to get back at it as I didn't pay anything off in August and that bothers me.

Healthwise... I'm trying to focus on not eating fast food and getting my resting heart rate under control. I've been so anxiety-riddled lately because of everything that my resting heart rate is super high. The fast food thing is just common sense, plus it's a money blower, so two for one there.

I'm also making it a goal to get back onto Spark for my mental health. I need an outlet, I need a place to go that isn't filled with politics and other crap. So be on the lookout for comments, goodies, and more!
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