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Adventures in virtual academy (part 2)

Friday, September 04, 2020

First, my 6 1/2 hours and the teachers' 6 1/2 hours do not look the same at all. We are putting in at least an 8 hour day.

Miss B is an A student. She works well on her own for ELA, Science, and Social Studies. But I figured out that they often work in teams in math during math practice. I also figured out it's not an issue with ability, but having someone there during math is a comfort issue. I guess the scratching away on the paper gives her a sense of normalcy. Anyway, so I am now getting a refresher in pre-algebra.

My 40-year-old brain doesn't do computation as fast as her 12-year-old brain. I often have her giggling when I say "Is that right? It doesn't look right." then I check the problem and say "well I guess it was right." I'm glad the brain-fog from fibromyalgia and peri-menopause is a source of 7th grader humor. We finished in half the time of her doing the math alone. Keep in mind we have our own scratch paper. Her answers are her own. We compare the answers and if they are different, we rework the problem to see who went off the rails (me. it's me.)

I also learned that KFC is not something that comes in a bucket with a biscuit and a side of slaw. It's the acronym for dividing fractions.

emoticon Keep the first fraction
emoticon Flip the second fraction
emoticon Change the operation from division to multiplication

Now mind you I knew HOW to divide a fraction, but they never taught me KFC in school.

So by the end of yesterday's lesson, I wanted a bucket of chicken. For the record, I did not buy the chicken but it sure sounded good.
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