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My First Attempt at a 24-Hour Run

Wednesday, September 02, 2020

My first attempt at a 24-hour run happened this past weekend. I didn't make it 24 hours. I didn't put in the miles I wanted to do. But you take the good with the bad. Remember the Facts of Life theme song that Gloria Loring sang back in the 80s?

"You take the good
You take the bad
You take them both and there you have
The facts of life"

The day started early. I had a 90 min drive to the event, I needed time to set up the tent, I had to finish packing, eat breakfast and walk the dogs. I needed to get up at 4 a. m.m (yes, 4 a. m. on a Saturday!) but I was afraid I'd somehow oversleep so I woke up throughout the night, always checking the time. I was awake at 3, 3:15 I looked at my phone again, 3:30 and by 3:45 I decided to get up and get it done.

I loaded my car with water, food, extra shoes and clothes, a tent, camp chairs, sleeping mat, blanket, pillow, etc. and off I went.

Always allow time to find new places. I drove back and fourth 3 times with the GPS saying "arrived", pulled into two incorrect drives before finally finding the farm where the race was held.

The race was a spring fling that was postponed from April to August due to COVID. It had 3/6/12/24 hour runners and a 100 mile challenge. It was a fundraiser for epilepsy. Good cause. Great race directors. I met some awesome runners, wonderful people. I love, love, love the trail racing community!

So we set up camp. It's an old tent but I've never set it up without my husband there doing most of the work so it was an adventure but I finally got it together.

The run started at 8 a. m. I had two friends running it with me. One if the lady that got me into trail running last year and the other is a former co-worker that just started trail running this year.

We ran 2 mile loops and part of it was around this beautiful field of flowers.

And each loop brought us around this adorable donkey. He was so cute. I just wanted to load him into my car and bring him home with me. My daughter would love that but I'm sure my husband would not appreciate it -- nor would the people our subdivision when he starts braying. He was loud! lol

And then . . . My trail running friend hurt her knee and we had to stop a few times for her to ice it. She kept trying even walking backwards down the hills because that didn't hurt like going forwards. She ended up with several blisters on her feet, too.

My former co-worker decided to go home after she hit 30 miles and I was yelling "No, no! You are almost to 50K. Just walk one more loop." 50k is a BIG deal for most runners. So she came back and we walked the last loop so she could hit her "first 50k.". I talked to her Sunday and Monday. Sunday she said she was sore but Monday she said she was looking at more races. lol She says we are having a mid-life crisis to pick up trail running at this age. She could be right.

Now, my other friend and I had signed up for the 24 hour so we were still there but because of her hurt knee and blisters we were walking and not running. I stayed with her and walked. Afterwards I felt bad because I didn't get the miles I wanted due to the fact that I walked with her and didn't run. I'm not sure what you should do at that point? Do you stay with your friend or go on and run your run? I'm still back and forth on what is the right thing to do.

Sadly this is how I ended my time. Short of the 24 hours. We did hit 50K but before dark I ended up with a sunburn (pale skin me forgot to apply sunscreen!) and a rash.

This is the 3rd time this summer that I have had that. Always on lower legs. I'm thinking there's some weed out there I'm getting against that I'm allergic to. This was the worse time but maybe because I was running longer and kept going through the same weed?

By the next morning not only was the rash there but my feet were swollen. Thank goodness for benedryl!

We made it 16 hours into the 24 hour run. Called it a night, broke down the tent and packed up and went to a nearby motel. No roughing it after all that.

I snapped this on our last time around the loop. Each time we'd pass it, I would smile. I love it. I need this sign on my desk at work. I think I'm blocking part of it but the sign reads "Wild Ones at Work".

I have my first 50K trail race with 5,000 ft of vert next month. I've done 50K twice in the last year but never on an actual mountain trail. I hope I can do it in decent time. I will keep you posted!

Happy Running!

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