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Great workout today!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Looks like I'm going to have sore arms tomorrow, i did weights today, of course I didn't do as much as I did my first time around but I made the mistake of going a little heavier on the weights when doing the preacher curl machine, my arms do feel tired and hubby says if your arms feel tired then i will be sore tomorrow. I know now how this is gonna play out, if it does like it did over the weekend than I will wake up in the morning not sore and then tomorrow evening my arms will be super sore for 24 hours and then will ease up, that's what happen over the weekend when I did weights. I just need to get through the next 48 hours because 24 hours from now I may regret what I did today on the preacher curl machine.

I did however shave off a minute on the treadmill when doing a mile. my speed has gone from 2.5 mph to 2.6 mph I was able to pretty much maintain a 2.6 mph average through out my mile. and my calves didn't give me any fits today. I thought this morning I was gonna skip the treadmill because I feel that my calf wanted to cramp up so I decided I was gonna try to do a workout video during my lunch break and thanks to my brand new Smart (dumb) tv i was only able to 15 minutes of a workout video, but I did the taebo cardio video on you tube and ended up burning almost 300 calories according to the spark people exercise tracker. over all my app that I use for my gym says that after I did everything today I burned just over 900 calories. I'm really excited about my workout today and probably over did it because I did a mile on the treadmill and ended up doing 3 miles on the stationary bike. and then did less than 3 set of 10 on the preacher curl machine. but my legs do feel really good and I feel like they are getting stronger every day. I'll find out tomorrow how sore my arms will really be and if I will be able to type while at work tomorrow..lol
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