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hot, humid, sweat is it winter yet?

Sunday, August 16, 2020

So today we took a rest day from the gym because we had so much that needed to be done. we cleaned off the back porch because it was nothing but clutter and had stuff that didn't work anymore, so after doing that with an arm that I couldn't straighten out (thanks weights from two days ago) and cooking and washing a load of dishes I actually feel like I did a workout today.

I live in east central Alabama and the summers here are complete murder! no matter what time of the day it is (unless its 5am) you are going to sweat and bad! I always thought that going for a walk in my neighborhood would be ideal because you will sweat and I've always thought that a good workout has you soaking in sweat, but this girl can't do that. I die just being in my office during work because we don't have central ac and can't really afford a window unit at the moment so my fan has to do and it gets really hot in here in the summer and freezes during the winter. I usually never complain about winter because thats when I feel my best, I'm not sweaty and if I get cold I have clothes I can put on,in the summer time there is just so much you can take off and you're still hot.

So after not being able to straighten my arm for 24 hours it was an amazing feeling about 5:30 pm when I was able to just stand in the kitchen and hang my arm down just about straight out without it causing me to cry. this morning I couldn't even get it out of a 90 degree angle. My legs have also improved drastically over the last three days and are starting to feel stronger. I would say my first full week back to my journey has been a success and the pain I've forced myself to deal with was worth it and was expected if you've read my prior blogs you would know that I work from home and have a 8 hour sit down computer job and for three years only got up long enough for the bathroom, food and to clean. So this week was a real eye opener and showed me that I do sit down too much and its my fault that I was not active enough. I am really looking forward to my second week and try to pace myself better, I did alot this past week as a oldie but technically newbie to weight loss. This week is gonna rock!!
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