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My first nighttime run

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

You know what I really hate? I hate it when I type a blog and get a "page cannot be displayed" when I try to post it.

So let's try this again!

My runner friend -- I call her Thelma; she calls me Louise -- talked me into doing the Maria's Mile Crazy 8 endurance run. You could sign up for 4 or 8 hours. Why would Thelma and Louise sign up for 4? Right. So even though we knew we were not ready for 8 we took it on. And then Thelma tested positive for COVID. She had a mild case but was not through the quarantine time when the race was held so I had to go it alone. The race started at 8 p.m. for 8 hours and was to be run on a loop of .8 miles. Crazy 8's!

The swag was adorable!
There was a purple backpack of food to go with this. My husband and teenager loved that when I brought it home.

Packing for an endurance run requires a lot of stuff. First aid kit. Food. Always more food than you will eat. . A cooler of water and electrolyte drinks, some ice coffee (because I needed the caffeine!). Extra clothing. Headlamp. Portable chargers and cables. Folding chair. Yes, I had a car full of stuff!

I'm not a nighttime person so I was dreading this, I was nervous and I was excited. I started good, going strong. Right as I hit 5K a bug flew right into my eye. Thankfully I had a handheld of water so I could wash it right out.

This was my first experience at running at night. My first time running with the headlamp. It was great tough. A cheap one from Amazon that an ultra runner recommended. My one complaint is that bugs love it when it's on bright and kept swarming toward me and I didn't want a repeat of one flying into my eyes so I changed the setting to dim. Dim was still bright enough to see. It may not have been if I had been out on a wooded trail but in the park it worked fine. By this time I wasn't running anyway, I was walking, telling myself as long as I was moving it was still good training for my longer runs. That concrete is killer though. IDK how people manage to run on it for long periods of time.

But by 10 I was ready for bed. That's my usual bedtime. By midnight I was feeling the pain of running on concrete. Truly I'm a morning person and could easily get up at 4 a.m. but being up past 10 p.m. is asking a lot of me. Most runners left at the 4 hour cut off. Only about a dozen of us continued on for the 8 hours. Around 2 a.m. I decided to call it quits and head for home. I had over an hour to drive to get home and was started to feel really tired and stumble over my own feet. Several other people left around the same time. We all packed up and walked towards our cars together. I think there were 3 people left on the course by then and from the looks of the headlamps they were walking by then. I listened to music when running but when I moved to walking I switch over to an audiobook. It helps me mildlessly keep walking. If my mind is on the book instead of each painful step I can go farther.

It was an great experience and I look forward to my next run. It's also a Miles for Maria run but it's a 24-hour one. No concrete! So hopefully I'll do more running and less walking. That's at the end of August.

And in September I'll be doing a runcation. I look forward to that. New trails! And in October a 25K and a 50K. If I do well in the 50K may give a 50-miler a try next year.

Happy Running!
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