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Signs in the wind

Friday, August 07, 2020

I’m a big believer in signs from beyond. In the 31 years since my mom passed, I have had numerous signs from her...mostly morning doves popping up at key times...recently they have been hooting a lot, maybe making sure that I hear her and know she is still watching over me! But she has manifested in music boxes randomly turning on (both for me and her best friend) and even a visit from a very special pigeon/dove...it looked like a special cross breed...not gray and sleek, but light brown and fluffy...on the 20th anniversary of her passing. It’s pretty darned cool to be open to those signs and feel her presence.

My dad leaving us in no different....he has presented himself in the wind! The morning after he passed, I was waking up and thinking of how he would love people donating to his church in lieu of flowers. As the thought was in my head, my overhead fan started to slowly turn! I smiled, said hello to him and a few other things, and got up to start the day. The fan stopped as I sat up in bed. Yes, the air conditioner is on, but no, it had never moved the fan before. The fan has not moved again.

The next day, we were at my brothers house to greet my traveling brother home. My father lived at this house. He had his dental practice there. His parents lived there. My aunt lived there and died there (she’s given me signs too when we were living there).
We were all ther and hanging out when the front door blew open...I immediately said “dad’s here” as my oldest went over to see who was coming in. He looked at me and shook his head that no one was there. I again smiled and said, “honey, it’s Papa”. I then explained the fan and they all were like “whoa”. They believe in signs too. It was undeniable.

On the day of his funeral, they were folding the flag over his coffin. I was holding my aunt’s arm in support. The day was beautiful with very little breeze, low humidity, clear blue skies. I was looking down at the time when it happened...the wind kicked up it of nowhere and my curly hair was wild in the shadow on the ground...I whispered to my aunt “the wind”. Again, for the third time, I felt him there.

Two weeks later, my best friend from childhood and I were reconnecting in my back yard by the pool...the wind was blowing. My dad lived at this house too..I bought the family home 15 years ago. We were there altogether on July 4 and he just loved how the yard was looking..“the best ever,” he said. LoL I hung patio lights this year and boy did it make the place even better! He loved them. As were we sitting there, the umbrella from the table blew up and over the fence and the string of lights - a distance of 8 feet at least - and landed on the driveway and broke. LoL why hello Dad! The lights remained untouched and intact.

This past week we went camping. My brother and sister were checking the house for us while we away. Everything was aok. When I walked in the door upon our return I did my usual check..and heard an alarm chirp coming from the basement...sporadic, not a normal alarm sound. I left and called the security company to check the CO monitor attached to the alarm system. All was clear. We troubleshot the situation and discovered a really old CO unit hardwired to they system...it needed to be replaced. The next day, talking with the tech, I mentioned that we were thinking of losing our landline - the phone number that has been associated with our house for over 45 years...the phone company accidentally switched it back to my dads name a few years ago! LoL the tech said that the alarm is connected through 5he landline! Some people disconnect the landline and realize their system is offline 8 months later! Talk about divine intervention!! LoL We are re-evaluating an upgrade at this point...

All of these little things make me smile and laugh...it makes me feel like he’s still looking out for us even from beyond. The morning doves are more vocal...maybe it’s mom and dad talking together now, rather than being solo and silent as they were before.

Just had to write it out before I forgot about it. Another stamp in time.

In the grief sector: I have had a few family dinners this week and it was good to do. There will be more of them I am sure! It was good to get back to work. It’s almost a month since he’s gone...it feels like it was yesterday. Odd to feel like I’ve lost a whole month.

Time to move forward! Onward and upward! With the wind beneath my wings!!
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