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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

My body and I have been under so much stress since June of 2019 that I never realized how it affects me. I woke up today with motion sickness which usually means that I'm having a migraine. I did. I had to be up early because the a/c repairmen were coming. I was so thrilled they were here early. They had my unit up and running in no time. It was so nice to feel the cooling air in all the rooms. The house cooled off quickly. I had to go pick up my glaucoma eyedropper this morning. I got those and went across the street to the Kroger store. I had wanted to go to Aldi but I barely made it through Kroger. My head was spinning, nauseous and the beginning of my migraine. My son stopped and got me something to eat and drink. I was feeling better after about 15 minutes. Got home and put the groceries up. Watched a little TV. Then the exhaustion hit me. Inlaid down and could feel the stress leaving my body. I've a long way to go until I feel normal again but this is a start. My knees are throbbing right now. I think it was my body letting go of the added stress of remaining upright and focusing on just getting through everything. The heat and humidity are still holding on outside. We had a quick shower earlier but there were thunderstorms in the area. Typical summer in Western Kentucky. Typical asthma setup too. I found out a whole back, I allergic to strawberry plants and corn stalks. So I'm miserable outside. I can feel the pollen in the air. I get and burn when I'm outside. Of course, I'm allergic to grass too. Mowing season is horrible and I'm confined inside most of the time. My oral asthma meds, my daily inhaler and my rescue inhaler are much used these days. Add in everything else that's going on and the stress levels are through the roof. I'm hoping today is the start of it all going down. I have so much to do. Putting my stuff up as I move it from my brother's house. I still have a ton of clothes there, more cooler weather clothes to bring home. Plus the stuff of my brother's I want to keep. We still have some furniture to move. I still have to sell the house in Tennessee. I have to deal with the 3 timeshare condos in Florida. So I still have a lot of stuff left to handle but I'm dealing with Florida last. I'm just waiting for cooler weather and hopefully things to level out with the Covid increases. Our small county had 36 cases over the past two weeks. Another new one today. It's been little kids to senior citizens. Today's was a 17 year old. I've avoided it so far. So has my son and my other family and friends. Stay safe. Sending much love and hugs. Thank you for stopping by and your support means so much.
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