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Temporary changes and more permanent ones too

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Temporarily we are cooler in the house. I went out and bought 2 fans and w small room a/c units. They have dropped the inside Temps from mid to upper 80s to mid 70s. It feels better in the house. My only setback has been allergies and my asthma when I go outside. The heat and humidity plus all things I'm allergic to make breathing difficult. I miss my walks in the evening but its just not the right time. I've started back walking with Leslie Sansone. My body is feeling every move I make. I've had fibromyalagia flares. I love my fibro awareness masks but they are much heavier than my other one. So I'm learning to wear them. They upset my asthma. The heat and humidity aren't helping. If I rush around the stores my asthma flares, so I just keep a good pace that doesn't enrage my lungs too well. My latest NSV is ive noticed when I'm sitting in the recliner to elevate my feet, ive been sitting with my feet on the chair and not the foot portion. Ive been doing this without any thought for anoutv2 months regularly. It just dawned on.me. that I was doing it. My weight Friday was 199.6. While that is exciting I have to be realistic because my weight fluctuations are up to 6 pounds a day. Yes, I'm on Lasix, a fluid pill to pull off the excess fluid. It's frustrating to see so much up and down over the days of the week. I feel like my whole body is inflamed from the heat and humidity us my asthma and allergies. Also my late cousin and I have had problems with low sodium levels. I thought it was weird I'd been hospitalized twice because they were low but she told me she had the same problem. Everything It's happened ive been craving salt. Friday I had Gatorade and a couple servings of regular potato chips. Saturday my weight was up 6 pounds! I overate Saturday so I'm hoping that later on my weight won't be as up as it was. My body doesn't feel bloated or anything. I feel smaller by a little not bigger. So who knows. I've been eating a lot of vegetables this past week. Ssturday my son brought home a watermelon and a cantaloupe. So the fruit is going to be great. Tomorrow we'll fix chicken stir fry. Lots of veggies in that too. That won't heat up the house much. I have a rice cooker that I won a few years ago. Makes rice cooking so easy. My hair is driving me stark raving mad. It's the longest I've been since I was 11. That was almost 55 years ago, lol. I've not felt comfortable enough to go get it cut. Maybe I can convince my son to trim it up a bit. I've taught him a few things. I used to be a hairdresser who loved doing haircuts. Unfortunately after my traumatic brain injury in 2006 my brain and hands are on different wave lengths. I know how to do it but I can't get my hands to cooperate. The last time I tried to cut the back a year after my injury the comb and scissors got tangled up and I have no idea how they managed to do that but I worked 5 to 10 minutes to get them out and my hair trimmed. Then I taught my son how to trim it so he could straighten it up. I trim the front and sides myself. I need to cut my bangs they're down to my lips and all but one sprig inthe front will stay put of my face. That drives.me.freaking.nuts! I've been watching calming, energy cleating, negative energy clearing, healing energy videos on YouTube. I listen mostly. Some use different frequency to clear things out. Its been interesting. Enough rambling. Take care of yourselves. Stay safe. Spread peace, love, joy and happiness to those around you. Enjoy your life each and everyday. Sending you.peace, love, joy and much happiness. ❤😘🌻🍉🥑🍍🍌🍅🥦🧅🧄🥕🌽🥒🕶�
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