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Monday, July 20, 2020

So I was on vacation with my kids in the Vancouver area and returned home on July 12th. When I got here we had company from Whiterock and they had arrived on July 10th. We were expecting them and initially thought they would stay with us for 1 week and then go travelling around - they came here in their motorhome. However they are now staying with us for 3 weeks. So I had to tell my kids not to come back to visit until the first week in August.

And then this last Wednesday, another couple we know from Calgary came to help celebrate my husbands 65th birthday which was on July 16. They did not stay with us (we had no more room) but they did come early in the morning and left late in the evening. They left us late last night and will be travelling to Penticton today so we will not see them again.

However that left little time for me to get on to do my Sparkpeople. This was not something I expected and I really missed getting online. However we need to entertain these people so.....

I am also not getting in as much exercise as I would like although I am still walking with my sister every week day morning. My husband has been getting up early (for him) and making them breakfast every morning, he then makes them lunch and I do dinner. I am still working during the day so cannot make the time to do that.

I did not really mean for this to be a whining blog but I needed to get this off my chest and let everyone know that I am sorry I have not been on as much as I wanted to.

Have a great day
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  • -COURT-
    We're overly cautious too. We don't visit and don't have company except DH's sister might come for some supplies we pick up for her or is nephew. We wear masks too. I think I'm as cautious now as I was in the beginning.

    Glad you had a good time with your friends and kids.
    54 days ago
    I wish we had some company! We are being overly careful, I think. We did meet up with our daughter and two of her kids yesterday for some back-to-school shopping at a mall. It was so much fun to see them and actually hug the little one, but now I'm a little nervous because the oldest is 17 and back in sports, spending time with girlfriend and other close friends. So, no masks while getting drinks at the food court and sitting beside him for quite awhile, now I'm a little nervous. Thinking positive thoughts, getting extra vitamin C, and keeping up with my exercise -- more than 23,000 steps yesterday. It was totally worth it to have a little time with these loved ones. Try to find some time for you in the midst of all you are doing for everyone else!!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    58 days ago
    Company is exhausting, but I do think it's wonderful that you're so popular and enjoying so much company during such a lonely time. (Three weeks, though .. that is a LONG visit!) emoticon
    58 days ago
    It is nice your husband is so helpful with the company. In a way, I think it would be nice to have friends here to visit with. But three weeks seems a long time. DO not apologize for not being on SP. SOmetimes we just need t go with the flow of life. emoticon
    59 days ago
    Mixed blessings! It's good to vent where you feel support. Hope your day goes well today!
    59 days ago
    It is nice to see friends and have them stay but a time limit is also nice. You have been super busy and you are not whining. Both you and your Husband have worked hard to make your friends feel welcome and now you have time to relax and get back to doing things you need and want to do. emoticon

    59 days ago
  • LIS193
    Time with friends and family is important
    59 days ago
    59 days ago
    it is nice to have friends, but,,,, you are working also, so I think they would pitch in and help?
    Hope you get some time for you and husband alone soon.
    Have a great day, make the best of it. emoticon

    Put the guests to work๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜‚
    59 days ago
  • 4CYNDI
    Sounds busy and draining. Hope it was mostly fun, but being an introvert I understand the need for "me" or "Spark" time. **HUGS** Enjoy the rest and Happy 65th birthday to your husband. Hope this year is his best yet.
    59 days ago
    That is a lot of people time!
    59 days ago
    Life happens. You are being gracious and generous.
    59 days ago
    Wow have you been busy. That's a lot! I did not read this as whiny!

    Here's to some me time for you soon. Enjoy the company!

    59 days ago

    Oh my, I hope you can rest up soon. That is so draining! One time we had a house guest for about 6 weeks. I remember telling my husband, if they don't leave when they said they would, I am going to leave! LOL We all survived it though.
    59 days ago
    You've been super busy with work and company; no wonder you've had to let some things go. No need to apologize for not being able to do all that you normally accomplish.

    Sounds like DH stepped up to the plate assisting with meals. No wonder you are tired! Hopefully you will get some time to yourself to relax, unwind, and rest.

    59 days ago
    wow that is a very long stay plus working Hugs to you
    59 days ago
    It's good to have friends. How many days would polite guests stay in our homes for a visit? I'm not going to research it, but I did find this article:
    Friends know when to jump in and help, (e.g. buy groceries, help prepare meals, run the vacuum, mow the lawn, clean a bathroom, etc.), so an agreeable itinerary (with both host & hostess) should average 1-3 days? hrm...though I know people who I'd *love* to have visiting for way longer. But anyway, once our ENERGY gets depleted, or we haven't had a mutually enriching TIME, wouldn't it be logical to question the 'friend' part of the visit? We shouldn't feel DRAINED - sucked dry, like some kind of vamp attack!! LOL!! emoticon Still, it's divine to have friends (or family) who fit nicely into our lives and lifestyle choices.
    59 days ago
  • LINDA!
    I would be exhausted after all of this. I like the company but after a few days I am so anxious to get back into my normal routine. I think you are great for doing all that you did.
    59 days ago
    Deep breath, stretch and repeat. It will calm down.
    59 days ago
    emoticon Lots of emoticon
    59 days ago
    WoW ! !

    what a lot of company... or was that chaos ?
    Arriving early, arriving unexpected...

    I did not read this as whiny... I read it as..you said... 'get it off your chest'
    You are to be commended in being able to do so well, going with the flow.

    Thankful for your Hubby stepping up to the plate !!
    Rest easy... for my part, just glad you survived your company
    and hopefully have time to regroup to be ready for family.
    lots of hugs, Audra

    59 days ago
    you are a good person

    When we lived in AK we were an open door for the summer. as we dropped off one set of visitors at the airport. a few hours later we picked up another set. this went on like this for ten weeks. our kids gave up their bedrooms for all that time.
    59 days ago
    I'm exhausted, that's a lot of company emoticon
    59 days ago
    You are a saint in my eyes. That much company would drive me insane no matter how much I loved them!
    59 days ago
    Family always comes first. emoticon
    59 days ago
    You have been busy doing real life instead of virtual life; no need to apologize for that. Have a good day.
    59 days ago
    Sometimes a little company turns into too much company at one time! Sort of like that old adage that "guests and fish begin to smell after three days"! emoticon Hope you get some more time for yourself soon!
    59 days ago
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