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BMI as it compares around the world

Saturday, June 20, 2020

I’m in the US.
I’m neither thin nor fat, by sight. I’m average in size and slightly out of tone.

I found this


And started playing around.
At my next goal weight, I will be lower BMI than 91 percent of women of my age range and height.
Ninety-one percent.
At my ultimate weight goal, that will be 95 percent and I'll be in healthy range. I am currently lower BMI than 80 percent of women my age/height. And I have flab. Muffin top and bra bulge.

This isn’t me doing well, it’s us, US, us doing so very badly.

I can’t change the US, but I can change me. I can be a light on murky waters.

I have clients who ask conversationally what I do to stay slim, and after I chuckle to myself, I usually say, “I don’t know what pork tastes like. I have ice cream monthly at best. I haven’t had a glass of milk in 45 years. I eat in a nine hour window. I buy 7oz Cokes and limit myself to one. Girl Scouts hate me. I was a Girl Scout and I don’t get the cookies.”

But it’s sort of true. I know my weakness, cola, and I have a plan in place to limit my consumption. I make cookies a couple times a year, and a couple cakes. I have sweets. But again, a plan to limit consumption. It works less well than the 7oz can plan.
Mostly, I added bulky, leafy greens to my meals.
Water and unsweetened teas are my world, for sure.
I go on cola fasts. I’m due for one, but I’m thinking this summer will be any acceptable serving, but once a week. So, whatever the restaurant size is, would be OK.
I might avoid ice cream a bit longer, even sorbet, and make a fruit smoothie instead. Mine are usually mint tea, mint leaves, a chunk of ginger and berries. Sometimes tropical fruit. No sweeteners or milks of any kind.

But whatever I do, I’m going for the lower BMI than 90 percent of US women of my age and height.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Interesting! I’m currently “above average” compared to 79% of females worldwide, but below average for 52% of females in my age range (45-59) in the US.
    (That’s a BMI of 30 BTW)
    Still working on it!

    108 days ago
    What is Zaxby’s?
    131 days ago
    Another motivator for getting rid of soft drinks is the huge amount of sodium in it. Excess sodium isn't doing your heart/lungs any favors. Something I ask myself--is it the fizz or the sweetness I crave. Actually, now that i've been doing a whole foods plant based life with minimal salt and sugar, I find I really want the fizz, not so much the sweetness. In fact, I prefer my own mcdougallized sweets to store bought since storebought is soooooo over the top sweet that you can't taste anything else. Same with restaurant foods and salt. Zaxbys is soooo salty that I can't eat it. And if I do have restaurant food, I wake up thirsty all night because my body is trying to digest all that sodium.

    Love this blog!

    gall Plan Coleader
    131 days ago
    Hi I like this BMI calculator or if you can't get the link to work you can just google Smart BMI! My psychiatrist of all people recommended it to me!

    131 days ago
    132 days ago
    Thanks, all!
    I’m actually trying to lessen soda more. I have the usual HFCS stuff, not diet.
    Diet stuff incites me to drink more, so that is a lose.

    s/Jamaica tea would be excellent in a smoothie. Thanks!

    It was eye opening, for sure.

    I’m suddenly wondering how overweight the average American woman really is.

    132 days ago
    So cool! Never seen one that does it compared to the rest of the world. It says I’m 63% below avg for USA. Gonna work on that!
    133 days ago
    Thanks! That was fun. It said I have body shape most like someone from Iraq. At my goal I will be like someone from Sri Lanka. As for USA it said- You have a lower BMI than 93% of females aged 45-59 in your country. 93%! Yeah that is sad.

    I have been making hibiscus tea. The mint sounds good
    133 days ago
  • RUBYM00N23
    Thank you for the information and a LOT of inspiration. I’m returning to SparkPeople after a hiatus out of necessity. Soda has always been my downfall. Diet Coke in particular. I’ll have to try your method for limiting it. Thanks again!
    133 days ago
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