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Gardening Update with Cactus

Monday, June 08, 2020

I have been busy in my yard with weeding and planting and moving somethings. i do like being in the garden and it is relaxing to me. My body sometimes tells me other wise, but i do manage!

I have a prickly pair cactus that grows profusely in my Zone 5 garden zone. we have -30 or more wind chills and over a foot of snow at times. So when people see this they are rather surprised to see it thriving so well.

I do have to take the time most years to cut it back as it does get bigger and spreads, i have given some to people and thrown a lot away over the years. I ONLY cut it with a very SHARP knife leather gloves and thongs. I has about 2 inch spines and hundreds of very small shape hairy spines and they will stick and cause sharp pain until you get them out.

It does have very pretty flowers on it and you can also make jelly from the fruit. My grandmother when she was alive and lived in AZ did, it was good. To me to much work and having to be to careful no thank you!

you can see some of the big spines in this picture and all those little brown spots are the little buggers that will stick to anything and sting. the flowers are pretty though.

i do have a few other hairy cactus, but they are not winter hardy. I have a barrow cactus which has stingers not to bad though and i must be doing something right because it keeps growing and i have to cut it back all the time as it would fall over and i have a hairy old man cactus that I bough when it was about 2 inches tall and had rolley eyes the boys got a kick out of . i have since removed the eyes but it is now about 18 inches tall and i will have to cut this one soon also as it will fall over

the old man is on the right and will have to be cut this summer. the other one i have cut more than once and it keeps branching out. they have to be put in clay pots or the top weight will make them fall over.

hope you enjoy my cactus pictures!
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