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Restoring Electrolytes--Exerci
se and Work in the Heat

Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Around this time of year we always have discussions about homemade gatorade to replenish your electrolytes and potassium when working/playing in the heat. Hummus is the perfect electrolyte restorer without the additives and sugar of Gatorade-type products. Millions of middle easterners through the millenia weren't wrong. Hummus contains dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals such as folate, calcium, magnesium and potassium.

I make my own healthy hummus with beans (usually white beans but chickpeas are popular), garlic, lemon juice and salt. I flavor it different ways but that is the basis. I don't use oil because oil is processed and adds to plaque in veins. Also, it adds unnecessary calories. But you can add olive oil if you like.

Many people use tahini in this recipe, but I don't as I try to have less calories with the best benefit. But if you like tahini, it is chock full of sesame seeds is loaded with copper, zinc, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorous.

Most of the ingredients in hummus like garlic, chickpeas have anti-inflammatory properties, as well.

I use hummus as the basis for different salad dressings and sandwich spreads. One of my favorite ways to make hummus is to add dill pickles and dill. For kale and roasted potato salad, I take some of the dill flavored hummus, add a little water and a squirt of mustard.

In other words, hummus is perfect for restoring electrolytes, adding nutrients to your diet and is versatile and can be used very many ways in your cooking.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great information about the value of hummus. I was looking for a Spark article on it but your blog was the first to come up. I also need to increase my potassium and magnesium . Hummus would be the win, win of helping me replace those things in my body.

    Thank you.
    297 days ago
    Really good info on the electrolytes. Thank you.

    Just Google ' word counter' for a website that does it for you or look in your Word or Pages tools (I think that the word counter is in tools). I'm not sure where the word counter is but I do know that both of them have it. I was in college forever (2 PhD s and a masters) and writing so many papers, especially a thesis, required knowing the word count.

    Here's yours:

    253 words
    1,490 characters

    Maybe you could add various recipes for extra words or talk about why electrolytes are so important. The symptoms when your electrolytes are low would be really helpful.

    I just made some humus this week and was surprised how many extra calories that tahini adds. Also I find that fresh garlic makes up for using less tahini, well sort of. I did miss the extra tahini that I used to add.
    Your article has really good information, maybe try to beef it up (pun emoticon intended) and resubmit it. It's very timely with summer here.
    348 days ago
    I tried to submit under Secrets to success but kept getting a message that the post had to be 1700 words long. I really didn't have time to count words.

    Molliemac: Yes, I believe we have to fight our battles where we can. Good, better, best I say. I just like to give others a roadmap. Your mileage may vary (YMMV)!

    AKA_Trouble: Yes you must! So versatile. We use it in place of sour cream on potatoes, as a dip, dressing and more.....
    375 days ago
    No I haven't MilPam, but I'll try to do that soon. I notice there are already some McDougall plant based whole food no oil (PBWFNO) recipes on there.
    375 days ago
    Have you posted a recipe (plus suggestions for additions) to Spark Recipes?
    375 days ago
    I love hummus and would like to make my own. Been getting a chipotle pepper one and a regular chickpea hummus and blending them. I have it with raw vegetables almost every day as a snack. It’s good to know it’s so healthy.
    376 days ago
    I seldom make my own and don't worry about the olive oil in the one I buy as it is the only oil I consume in a day. It really is a wonderful combination of flavours and nutrients.
    376 days ago
    Thanks for the reminder, I need to make a new batch of hummus.
    376 days ago
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