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Not giving up😁

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Thank you all so much, I don’t feel alone this time around!🥰 I was talking to a friend who attends my church with me. She’s lost 67lbs since December and hardly exercises at all! I’m killing myself at the gym! Come to find out she’s following a pre-packaged meal plan, one we’re all familiar with. That got me down, because 1. those don’t work on me! And 2. I can’t stand the taste.
I’m trying to be realistic with permanent food choices. My Morgellon’s Disease causes me great fatigue which has gotten a double edged sword with working out. I know it’s good and I will see results, but it tires me out to the point I’m not good for the rest of the day. I sleep through the whole night though!
I’m very hard on myself especially when I don’t see results in whatever I’m doing. I can’t get out of my own head. The Lord is working with me on this.
Speaking of the Lord, I’ve gotten away from prayer (in the sense that I tend to talk to Him instead of prayer) and bible reading. I can’t seem to pay attention to read! I know once I “practice” this, it will become habit again; as will everything else.
Just need to continue trusting Him and plugging along here.
Thanks again! Your dedication and words DO make a difference in people’s lives💗
Love with Jesus, lorraine
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