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Tiny Habits - basics of a Tiny Habit

Thursday, May 07, 2020

I recently read thru BJ Fogg's tiny habit book (several times) and I am sneaking bits of this info into the BLC43 challenge - Renegades team, so I am doing these tips in blogs (so I can find them easier next round emoticon ).
I also started a Tiny Habits sparkteam that anyone an join - www.sparkpeople.

Basic info on Tiny Habits... (BJ Fogg's teachings).

This relates to wanting to do something but struggling to make it a habit.

Find something Tiny that is either a starter step or a tiny bit of what you want to do.
The idea, tiny is easy to do so you can keep that tiny habit going even when life is hard.
The tiny habit gets you started. E.G. Open the tracker for food... or Track one item (something meaningful, maybe your protein, or a vegetable...)
When life is crazy you can do that tiny thing and when things feel better we think... well I already have my tracker open I may as well enter more items.

Then find something precise to prompt you to do the action - an anchor.
Such as: When I sit down in front of my plate, I will open my food tracker.
Or When I put food on my plate, I will open my food tracker.
Or When I reach for food to put it into my mouth, I will open my food tracker.
Or After my first bite of food I will open my food tracker.

You adjust the recipe as you learn what works for you - what is comfortable, what helps you get it done.
You can practice the recipe to help you remember it (e.g. go thru the motions 10 times as if you are doing it for real).

When things are bad and it just feels hard... you open the tracker (or track the one food) then shut the tracker.
When things are better, you open the tracker, track a food and think, well I am already doing this.. I may as well track another (or even all) of my food.

Nurture the tiny habit - like watering a plant. Always do the tiny habit no matter what.
It may be a week of doing the tiny habit before you get comfortable enough and have a good day and you do more than just the tiny habit (e.g. track an item). But doing the tiny habit opens that door that you could do more (on a good day).

One last piece that is important - we need to celebrate/have a good feeling/feel successful to get this programmed into my head. So after you do your tiny habit (the tiny thing you are doing), you need to do something that makes you feel successful. Like saying with pride "I did it", a fist pump, saying "way to go"... something big and out loud or something inside your head - again whatever works for you.
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