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Friday, April 24, 2020

Sorry Disclaimer..... my blog my opinion and not meant to offend.

I live in Illinois and it is and has been run by Democrats for at least the past 45 years. We have the Smollette nonsense that caused Chicago so much money and is still in legal court.
We have had 2 Sitting Governors get sentenced to Federal prison for corruption one from each side! We have had the Speaker of the House being the DE FACTO GOVERNOR for the past 45 YEARS, turning deals for himself and his family and everyone so afraid to stand up to him it is pathetic! While he gets rich, gets his daughter elected to be Attorney general, so of course he will always be protected!

Well yesterday our Governor Pritzker just locked the state down for another 30 days! People are being negatively impacted by this whole blown out of proportion virus it is ridiculous! This is the same Gov who took the toilet seat out of his second mansion to save a 1/4 of a million dollars in taxes to the STATE of ILLINOS! Money that would be used to found vital services with tax dollars...... the people in this state are so used to the corruption going on it is mind boggling!!!

Now being locked down for ANOTHER 30 DAYS!! Seriously we have been shut since the middle of February!! People need to work and pay bills, feed family's ....... I want out of this state so bad. the only thing keeping me here right now is mom and she doesn't want to move with me, she will be 87 this year, and I will not leave her alone...... so I sit and wait. I can't wait to get out of this hell hole

God Help us! Where ever you are from..... praying this ends soon.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    We have an idiot governor too here in Wisconsin. I'd pack up and go home but Michigan is even worse! I'm a high risk individual but let's get real. A lock down only accomplishes two things; wrecks the economy and prolongs the virus. November can't come soon enough!
    309 days ago
  • FITNIK2020
    Political problems everywhere. We also are in a fifth month of lockdown but this virus is no joke. We are opening up slowly.
    312 days ago
    I am so sorry to hear that. Here in Georgia things are slowly opening back up...
    It is funny I actually saw my old page on the team member sheet.
    I am GeorgiaGirl by the way I think I forgot to tell you. Holly
    376 days ago
  • LOSER05
    Pritzkers an idiot, he told everyone what he was going to do if you vote for him, and I CAN"T BELIEVE HOW MANY DID! (I'm not saying what I would like to, don't want to offend anyone) property taxes, license tax sky rocked, store tax outrageous, anything he can tax he did...I would love to know where all the Illinois lottery money goes.he taxes anything and everything he can find, he would tax air if he could emoticon
    407 days ago
    Sounds like CA. I just heard today we are to isolate in our homes indefinitely now.
    410 days ago
    I live in NJ, talk about corruption... But Our state has been hit hard by this virus. Personally, I am happy we are not opening up too soon, because I am in the vulnerable category. I understand your frustrations. I am sending good vibes your way.
    413 days ago
    I hope people of that state are standing up and getting right in their face!! More lockdown IS ridiculous---it stinks----Don't even want to get started AGAIN----But do they know OR NOT CARE (I IKNOW the answer to that one!) Suicides' are occurring all the time due to all this crap-(one more thing the media will NEVER report cos they are SO corrupt!!! --Opioid crisis is soaring----women and children are showing in emergencies room due to spousal and child abuse. This is like living in prison---except it no longer living but existing under a constant pressure and NOT even getting their unemployment checks!!! (My husband lost his job----and it took TWO WEEKS before he could FINALLY SIGN up for unemployment due to 22 million other peeps being out of work!!! He has STILL NOT GOTTEN ONE check!!! (Good thing we have a savings account) … Many people do not have any safety net to rely on. I am damned disgusted with the lying democrats----and to name one: N. Pelosi, who gets on the air and BRAGS about her $12,000 freezer chuck full of Hagen das and other expensive ice-creams---WHILE OTHERS are limping along begging for crumbs to feed their family!!! Someone will prolly rip me for this---but at this point, I don't really care!!!

    AND I AGREE w/ Blitzen who posted too---those who want to stay home---can do so---no judging---but LET THOSE OF US WHO CAN WORK----GET BACK TO WORK----People can use common sense---don't get up close and person with others and for once I AM SO GLAD---I FINALLY HAVE GOOD REASON TO NEVER have to shake hands with anyone ever again!!! I never was comfortable with someone grabbing my hand---plus the last time a man grabbed my hand, he shook it so hard, I thought he was going to break a bone!!! (I have not let anyone touch my hands ever again!!)
    414 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/26/2020 5:54:07 PM
    Our rights to participate in society have been stripped from us. We've been patient, stayed home and flattened the curve. Now we need our freedoms back. People screaming that "it's too soon!" can feel free to shelter themselves indefinitely and we won't judge them. Let those of us who want our freedoms restored to have them; those who don't want their freedoms back won't be affected because they will be safe in their homes.

    People need to work, not just for financial reasons but for psychological reasons. I recently watched an interview with a young man who said that he needs to be able to support his family not just for the money, but because it's his purpose. How dare our government strip honest, healthy, hardworking people's life's PURPOSE from them! What an evil way to break down good families. We won't continue to tolerate this all encompassing, systematic breakdown of our people by our government. We have a corrupt democratic governor as well, and naturally he has no plans to restore our rights and reopen the state.
    415 days ago
    OHhhhhhhhhhh lord. I grew up in IL (Now living in WI, come on up when you can). We're only on lockdown till 26 May. Oh, goodness, Gov. Walker, Rod, etc. Yes, quite a legacy, eh.

    Hope that things improve.

    HUGS. Stay well, stay safe, keep the faith.
    415 days ago
    I hear you. And some of the counties downstate, where it is mostly rural and there are less than 10 cases in the whole county, are rebelling saying they shouldn't be punished just because the Chicago metro area is where most of the cases are. They don't see why they should be locked down under those circumstances, should at least be allowed a little more leeway in letting businesses open. Most of those are small businesses, not chains, and there are often less than 10 people in the store at one time (usually less), so there is less chance of transmission. Many don't have the cash resources to make it through another month of lockdown and may end up closing completely, which will really hurt their communities.

    415 days ago
    corruption and politics go together sigh , it is a very hard thing to do we are on lockdown here till may 20 then we may open slowly, yes its hard we survive on one paycheck and my husbands hours keep getting cut, on top of that he will need serious surgery again soon. but I take one day at a time we have food a house , and our health hugs
    416 days ago
    416 days ago
    416 days ago
    Here in
    Ohio the plan is to open in stages.
    #1 is that vulnerable persons and people over 60yrs. Will still be isolated!
    I would rather be safe than sorry.
    416 days ago
  • no profile photo CD25067231
    Thanks for sharing
    416 days ago
  • FITNIK2020
    Corruption can be found in any political party. I was not aware of any of this - the news did not reach us in Canada. We also are asked to stay in isolation another 30 days til the numbers improve. Some relaxation of the rules will come very slowly
    416 days ago
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