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Baseball?, Hot Dogs?, Apple Pie? & Chevrolet?

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Normalcy has been redefined. Look no further than Major League Baseball. You all know that the start of the season has been postponed and that the remainder of spring training has been suspended. Here are some interesting things maybe you did not think of:

Paying players - Because of the National Emergency, MLB does not have to pay players, per the fine print in every contract. Players are paid biweekly during the regular season. No one really expects players not to get paid once the regular season would have, but no one knows. Or if they know, they are not saying. Human nature is that people live up to their means, even people who make more during a three-day series than I make all year.

Spring training stipends - Players are not paid in spring training, but they get healthy per diems. Do they still? Has that gone away? No one knows.

Salaries and Per Diems for all the other people - Managers, coaches, clubhouse attendants, stadium workers, umpires, grounds crew, front office staff, ticket sales people, yada yada? No one knows.

Suspensions - Does the clock tick on players serving suspensions for PEDs, beginning when the season would have started, or is it frozen until the games resume? No one knows.

Service Time - Do players continue to accrue service time when the season would have started? How does that affect the timing for free agency, the qualification for baseball's pension system and the like? No one knows.

Television and radio contracts - Does the fine print anticipate this contingency? No one knows. Ditto for souvenir and memorabilia licensing deals.

The list goes on. There was never a plan for any of this, for there was never a like circumstance. Force majeure generally applies, but even Acts of God rarely are of such sweep and duration. Interesting times we live in.

Oh, and Sparky foods at the concession stands? No less present than their conspicuous absence always has been.

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