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Brand New Start

Monday, January 27, 2020

Between being pregnant, having my first baby, work, and being a Phd candidate I haven't had time to work on myself for over a year. After some serious thought and difficult decision making I decided to leave my Phd program this past weekend. I was only 7 months from graduation if I stayed on track and successfully defended, but I was falling behind and putting everything else on the backburner. It wasn't healthy and my life was getting out of control. Today is a brand new start for me, I'm looking forward to the opportunity to exercise again and to having a little personal time on the weekends. I had great success with Leslie Sansone videos pre-pregnancy so I am going to start those again. I really liked her Belly Blasting Walk one, it gave me a waist for the first time since middle school! I'll definitely be trying to do that one 2-3 times a week to work on this mom tum.

My little man is on the move! He's crawling, standing, and trying to figure out how to walk. He's not quite grasped how to move while standing, and can't always get back down once he's up, but he's definitely a go, go, go-er. It's hard to believe he's already 8 months old and will be a whole year old in only 4 months!

He's been doing great with his purees so we tried bananas and avocados for his first table foods with my moms on Saturday morning. Running along his anti-green food trend (he hates peas and green beans make him sob uncontrollably) little man HATED the avocados. He didn't like the texture of the banana slices, but he enjoyed them when we mashed them up. I don't blame him for that, banana slices are quite slimy. I thought maybe he'd like them more with some peanut butter (he's the perfect age to start introducing allergens to try to prevent food allergies) so we got some PB2 so we can control the consistency and we'll try bananas again with some PB2 for dipping/smearing. He loves pureed carrots and sweet potatoes so I might steam some of those, or get some canned ones of those (rinsed off of course) for him to try next.

He's been sleeping at an angle lately so I am sleeping bent over, which is making my lower back ache. I am going to a yoga class over lunch today (so nice to be able to do that again now that I am not going to be writing over lunch every day) so I am going to ask the instructor if we can do some moves that help the lower back. I might pull out my heating pad tonight, too, and plug it in on the couch. Get an hour of that in before bed so the muscles are nice and relaxed.

I have a condition called Stickler Syndrome that is hereditary. My son has a 50% chance of inheriting it from me. My insurance company denied genetic testing to see if he has it, but another way to see if he has it is to check for specific mutations in his eyes. So he has an ophthalmology appointment this afternoon to see if they can spot anything. I am not sure they will find anything because his vision seems to be excellent - he sees great and follows movement with no problem. Especially if the movement belongs to certain furry, feline friends. He adores our cats, though they are less enthusiastic about him now that he can follow them around. But if the opthalmologist does find something it could help explain his breathing problems (he needs the oxygen at night now) and his small stature. He's a li'l peanut.
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