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Jokes amd making goals

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Here's my Week Two BSG Blog Questions:
How often do you make goals?
I make goals at least once a month. But I also
do them for my teams Aspire &inspire, 2020 Winter 5% Challenge Walkers, Runners, Joggers, and BLC 42 -SPARK SISTERS RISING.

Do you write them down and revisit them? I try to revisit them once during the month,

Do you keep the same goal*s) throughout the year, or do you make new ones month to month? I usually keep most of the same goals . But I tried to change them a little.

How do you keep track of your goals throughout the year?,
Easy, I write a blog each month reviewing the last month and making goals for the next

If you need to how could you improve your goal setting skills?
I think I need to shorten my goals . But don't know what one to get
rid of.

OKAY NOW FOR THE JOKES hopefully they funny

If Only Life Could Be Like A Computer
If you messed up your life, you could press "Ctrl, Alt, Delete" and start all over! To get your daily exercise, just click on "run"! If you needed a break from life, click on suspend. Hit "any key" to continue life when ready. To get even with the neighbors, turn up the sound blaster. To add/remove someone in your life, click settings and control panel. To improve your appearance, just adjust the display settings. If life gets too noisy, turn off the speakers. When you loose your car keys, click on find. "Help" with the chores is just a click away. Auto insurance wouldn't be necessary. You would use your diskette to recover from a crash. And, we could click on "SEND NOW" and a Pizza would be on exercise at the beach
|How do men exercise at the beach? By sucking in their stomachs every time they see a bikini.

Exerise For The Nonathletic
Calories can be burned by the hundreds by engaging in strenuous activities that do not require physical exercise. Exercise________ Calories burned per hourBeating around the bush -75Jumping to conclusions - 100Climbing the walls - 150Swallowing your pride - 50Passing the buck - 25Throwing your weight around (depending on your weight) - 50-300Dragging your heels - 100Pushing your luck - 250Making mountains out of molehills - 500Hitting the nail on the head - 50Wading through paperwork - 300Bending over backwards - 75Jumping on the bandwagon - 200Balancing the books - 25Running around in circles - 350Eating crow - 225Tooting your own horn - 25Climbing the ladder of success - 750Pulling out the stops - 75Adding fuel to the fire - 160Wrapping it up at the day's end - 12To which you may want to add your own favorite activities, including:Opening a can of worms - 50Putting your foot in your mouth - 300Starting the ball rolling - 90Going over the edge - 25Picking up the pieces after - 350
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