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Scintillating at Sixty - Laser like focus

Saturday, January 11, 2020

3 Months to go.


How did that happen?  I only started this countdown 3 seconds since.  In fact, just 3 minutes or so ago I was celebrating my 33rd birthday with the arrival of my best ever birthday present.

Come to think of it, just nano seconds before that, I was looking forward to my 21st.  I'm damn sure some bugger has been messing about with the time continuum momentum whatsit thingamajig.  I'm on the case.  When I catch the little fecker, there'll be trouble.  With a capital T.  Meanwhile, until I restore the time continuum momentum whatsit thingamajig and return to my correct age of 27 I'd best focus on being Scintillating at Sixty.

Which to be honest I haven't been what with one thing and another.  13 weeks to go so I'm switching my focus laser like and have just spent nearly a third of my £50 weekly budget on this.  Although I bought if from eBay as I'm boycotting Amazon due to a] the way they treat their staff and b] their reluctance to pay their tax bill.  B@stards.  


No idea how I'm doing weight wise atm as I don't have any scales here.  Plus pretty much only have leggings so can't judge by clothes.  I guess I'd better go through the bags of stuff The Worker Friend[?] brought back from Elaine's garage.  Sure there must be some jeans or such like in there which will give me a clue.  I'll add it to my 'to do' list.  In between sorting out the time continuum momentum whatsit thingamajig.  I may have overcompensated - back to the drawing board.................

Bright blessings
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