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Low-carb and Paleo diets put to the test

Monday, December 30, 2019

From 'How not to Diet' by M. Greger:

"In a study out of MIT, researchers increased the carbohydrate intake of subjects by up to hundreds of grams a day, yet their insulin levels went down. How is that possible? The researchers (...) fed them whole plant foods (.....).
What if you put someone on a very-low-carb diet like an Atkins diet? Low carb advocates (...) assumed doing so would lower insulin levels. But what they found was that there is no significant drop in insulin levels on very-low-carb diets. Instead, there is a significant rise in bad LDL cholesterol levels .(...)
What about the paleo diet? The paleo diet movement gets a lot of things right. it tells people to ditch dairy and donuts, eat lots of fruit, nuts, and vegetables, and cut out a lot of processed junk. But a study published in The Internationl Journal of Exercise Science has raised concerns.
Researchers took young healthy people and put them on a paleo diet along wit a Cross-Fit based, high-intensity circuit training exercise program. If you lose enough weight by any means (...) you can temporarily drop your cholesterol levels no matter what you eat. After ten weeks of hard-core workouts and weight loss on the paleo diet, however, the study participants' LDL cholesterol STILL went up - and it was even worse for those who started out the healthiest. (...)... "the paleo diet's deleterious impact on blood lipids (fats) was not only significant, but substantial enough to counteract the.... improvements commonly seen with improved fitness and body composition." (...)
On the other hand, put people on a plant-based diet and a modest, mostly walking-based exercise program, and within three weeks, their bad cholesterol can drop 20 percent and their insulin levels can plummet 30 percent, despite a 75-80 percent carbohydrate diet. In contrast, the paleo diet appeared to have 'negated the positive effects of exercise." "
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    It's the complex carbs that were a problem for my health. Plant based carbs are healthy and good. I seem to be following more of a Mediterranean style of eating, but it definitely is the overall healthy lifestyle that is most important.

    51 days ago
  • SEAGLASS1215
    Interesting info...from all I've read lately, it seems the only "diet" that doesn't get a bad rap is the Mediterranean Diet...which really is healthy eating, plain and simple. I think the notion of "low carb" when it comes to losing the weight applies to reducing the unhealthy carbs - like the bread, sugar, etc - rather than limiting the healthy carbs found in natural foods, not processed. The cook book I recently bought is low carb but it is focused on eating meat, vegetables, fruit...no processed junk and even the desserts (which are mostly listed as "moderate" carb amounts) have some sort of fruit in them or nuts or both.
    51 days ago
    I've seen similar studies again and again. Thanks for posting - adding to my book list!
    52 days ago
    I guess everyone is different. Although it is good to note that there are other things to consider besides just the number on the scale when you look at your eating plan. Best wishes!
    52 days ago
    I'm so looking forward to getting this book when it comes in from the library! And yes- I too think no diet just a healthy lifestyle is the way to go

    As Dr. Greger has said to sure paleo /low carb can be a step in the right direction as in away from junk like donuts but it is not the best solution long term. Fruits and veggies -esp. veggies are healthy and to be able to eat as many as you can is health promoting. I would never want to live my life in fear of eating a peach.

    Anyhow- very interesting info on paleo negating he effects of exercise!

    52 days ago
    I don't know. My doctor told me to go low-carb some time ago and I found a program that I thought I could handle. My cholesterols have remained at acceptable levels, as has my
    blood glucose levels. So I'd have to say that my experience is successful.

    I think that one important factor in many life choices is that as individuals we all respond
    differently to any given medication or diet or lifestyle. We need to find out what works for us and go with it.
    52 days ago
    Don’t go on any diet, make a permanent lifestyle change
    52 days ago
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