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Sunday, December 29, 2019

I posted in last night's blog that I would be back, and here I am. Did you miss me??? :)

Today is a whole new day with new challenges, but we will get through them one way or another. Sometimes we have to go around the storm, and others we have to go through the storms, but no matter what, we will succeed.

I hope that you are having a good Sunday. Tomorrow night is my payday thankfully. I have to buy a new electric burner since mine had the heating element to stop working. I have a microwave, but it is still hard to cook certain food in there. So I will need to get me a new one. Always seems like there is always a item you have to buy every payday. I also got to get my Photo ID taken care of. California has a new state law going into effect where you have to get a passport symbol in order to travel to the other states. I am not sure if it is just our state, but I also know if you do not get it, you cannot enter federal buildings either.

Plus, I need my new ID so that I can get my disabled TAP card so I can ride the buses and trains.
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    I guess each state must have different req's, in Michigan you do not need to provide your rectal temperature to get it. On the Michigan.gov website it says "To apply for a REAL ID-compliant driver's license or ID card, you’ll need to bring your valid U.S. passport or certified birth certificate with a raised seal or stamp to any Secretary of State office. Other documents verifying legal presence are accepted. If your name is different from what’s on your birth certificate, you’ll need to bring in a certified name-change document, such as your marriage license or court order. Multiple documents may be needed if your name has changed more than once."

    In Michigan the appointment can be made online and the guarantee is that it will take half an hour or less to complete business in the Secretary of State office (same as a DMV). Go in without that appointment though and be prepared to wait 3 or more hours! I haven't been in since 2015 and it was bad back then, but nowhere near a 3+ hour wait. Now people can get in line with their smart phone and leave, come back when their number is close to being called for the window, leaving those of us who wait sitting there as people seem to come in and cut in line.

    I hope you got your Real-ID without much hassle. I hope to go in to get mine without much hassle in 2023, or any time sooner if I decide I want to fly or have other business to complete while I am there (transferring a vehicle, etc.) I am disabled as well and don't have the money to buy airline tickets so it is a small priority for me, I don't need it for any other reason that I know about like in some states.

    I have a keychain with a slogan on it that I love, it says Storms Don't Last Forever. We can make it, you are right that we will succeed!
    47 days ago
    I already have a REAL ID card with a star on it.
    I didn't realize what a big deal this would be.
    At least that is done.
    50 days ago
  • PORTIA70
    Yes, I think it is stupid to have to get it, but we have to get it. I am disabled so I get to go to the front of the line. It is just having the energy to get there, and sit, even if they do take me straight away. One of the few places I hate going too.

    No I do not have the Access Card. They told me that even though I am in a wheelchair that I can get to my bus stop just a few feet from my door. I told them that I cannot take my powerchair out in the rain and they just laughed and said it does not rain in L.A. Somehow I think they are stupid. I have the regular California Disabled Tap Card.
    51 days ago
    Need more than birth certificate for real id. Birth certificate, SS card, name change and/or marriage/ divorce documents if applicable and a utility and bank, etc mailing in your name and current address. Eye test required too. My license was renewed Dec before real id was offered. What luck!

    Every state has real ID. Ca is last since they kept asking for extension. No more extension and deadline is 11/2020. You need to complete DMV site ID information before heading to DMV. My boss was given Feb 2020 appointment in Nov. Accept appointment and go in when you want. I suggest going to DMV ( or SS) an hour before closing since gov't workers are faster than bc they want to leave on time. My boss went to DMV an hour b4 closing a day after completing application and finished in 35 minutes. People with disabled placard receive immediate service. I intend to get new id so I can fly east to visit family.

    Things always need replacing near payday. I was paid on Friday and my car battery went on Saturday. Perfect timing. Argh!

    Are you talking about Access disabled tap card? I have this card and wasn't told I need real id, but my card doesn't expire until May 2020. I received so many letters stating I need to show new id for city senior taxi service, etc. This ID thing is getting to be a pain.

    52 days ago
    The "Real ID" star is to fly. I don't fly or enter "certain" Federal Buildings or nuclear power plants, so for me it was optional and I opted out. I did not need to appear in person for my drivers license renewal this year, so I avoided a 3 hour wait in line there. Next time I will have to appear and I will get that star (in 2023, between 2020 and 2023 I won't be able to fly on a commercial airplane, which isn't a big deal to me). I can go to other states. But if you needed to appear for a new id best to get it taken care of now. Just need to show your birth certificate and you are good to go.

    That is my understanding after reading the federal and state websites concerning what a Real ID is. It is a national thing.
    52 days ago
  • LINDA!
    Wishing you all the best.
    52 days ago
    good luck hugs
    52 days ago
    Good luck getting your new element and getting your photo ID updated. We had to do that here in WI as well.
    52 days ago
    Wow who knew to enter other states. emoticon
    52 days ago
    Yes it is all states
    52 days ago
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