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Not really!

Monday, November 11, 2019

So many spark friends commented how kind and generous I was to offer up the expensive eye drops I can no longer use (I developed an allergy to it, and yes, my doc found a substitute that works for my glaucoma).
Not really (well, somewhat, I hope).
It’s mostly because it will kill me to throw hundreds of dollars worth of medicine that someone might need into the trash!
My doc refused the offer but I may just push it on him when I see him next month.

So, my old sparkpeeps know that I loooooove my wine. emoticon
But my family is thick with alcoholics and I am hyper-aware of that every day.
I was one of 14 children and 4 have passed away way too young, 3 from drugs or alcohol.
My dear man and I have refined our tastes with travels abroad and my dh loves to find bargain wonderful wines online and buys by the case...we even have a wine cooler.
We usually share a bottle every night with dinner (I actually have a glass while cooking).
But that sometimes creeps up to a bottle and a half....over the course of 3-4 hours.
We don’t get drunk.
We don’t drive.
We don’t even drink when the grands sleep over.
My only real concern is (besides my constant worry about becoming an alcoholic...at 67!?!) the carbs and calories in alcohol. I even tried switching to vodka as that has zero carbs but that is a slippery slope for me personally. emoticon
My weight has been stuck for years, even slowly creeping up, mostly due to health issues (I cannot work out like I used to but swim 2-3 hours a week) and stress about my son’s health, despite my HFLC, IF, meditating lifestyle.
And...my belly keeps getting bigger and bigger! emoticon
So, really the best way I can think of right now to change things up is to give up the wine for a while and see if that helps.
I am not planning on being alcohol free (AF) forever but made a goal of being AF for November except for Thanksgiving day.
So far I am 8 days of 11...the longest I have gone in years. emoticon
Sadly, I comforted myself with Halloween candy and sweets those first few days, plus we, who hardly ever eat out, ate out three times in a week and dessert was included so...
And the cravings are not easy still. emoticon
I have been drinking tall glasses of club soda with diet cranberry juice while cooking and with dinner and going into my room and meditating for 10-15 minutes when the craving gets to me.
Sorry this is so long...just wanted to share and know that you al, will support me in this.

Oh, and I am also craving a winter vacation in the Caribbean so my dear man and I are going to Negril, Jamaica in March...120 days from today!
More incentive for me to get into better shape!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    How lovely to have that holiday to look forward to -- anticipation is key!!

    And as for the AF: whatever works for whatever the process tells you!!!
    28 days ago
    Well goodness - That IS a toughie. I'm sorry you lost so many loved ones to the 2 D's. That has to hurt a lot. My dad and my FiL both drank too much and as a result, lost so much. I love wine but mostly with food. I gave up distilled stuff years ago because I thought it made my face look grey. I hear what you way about drinking carefully - but oh the calories/carbs ...

    Like Beth - I can substitute a mineral water for a drink most of the time. My favorite is Topo Chico which comes in glass bottles - from Mexico. Walmart sells it.

    29 days ago
    I feel ya Chica.
    31 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/13/2019 12:15:45 PM
    I've a similar background and habits.
    Lucky me rosacea and alcohol don't mix and I'd find my face scarlet red, needing something to cool it down. I also saw the calories as a deterrent.
    I keep none in the house but I won't turn down a gift bottle. I worked on not finding anything to substitute, that way the "habit" of enjoyment when I'd be having a glass changed.

    Good luck.
    32 days ago
    alcohol and weightloss, sadly, dont go together
    try a few alcohol-free days each week
    or better still only have a drink on the weekend
    it might halt your weight gain
    32 days ago
    yeah, the cravings are very uncomfortable and mentally draining. We just have to keep trying things to see what works. Hey that's what life is all about - keep keeping on.
    33 days ago
    I wish you well, dear lady! A worthy goal to be had. When I began my weight loss journey, yes, I too, cut out alcohol. It is temporary, but does help to reduce inflammation in the body. Now I enjoy wine on occasion. It can be done...go you!
    33 days ago
    Like you, I have cut way down on alcohol. Mostly because I am trying to cut out empty calories. I wish you all the best in making the change. I think it has help me lose weight.
    33 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    33 days ago
    I’m lucky that alcohol doesn’t have much appeal, so I would have maybe one drink/month. Perhaps this is because my favourite uncle was an alcoholic, and I can remember hiding behind one of the shrubs in our yard when he got loud and hard to be around.

    I’m glad you and David are getting a holiday somewhere warm... Peter and I are going to California in April with Siobhan, Chris and Aria...looking forward to it.

    33 days ago
    This is very timely for me, Elizabeth, for I've been facing a similar problem. Unfortunately, I'm a big fan of beer, and I've known for a long time that I will never succeed in losing weight if I don't drop the beer habit, because (and this is so cliche but I've found it so true) alcohol makes me eat with abandon, too, so it's a vicious cycle. Recently, I've noticed that my body shape has changed, too--ugh--and this is surely partly related to age, but to me it looks a lot like--and I feel so unfeminine to have to say this--a BEER GUT! Yikes! Time to let go of this destructive habit. But, like you, I don't want to give up alcohol completely, because it does make parties and family gathering more fun and festive in my experience. However, I may have to give it up altogether, as I have alcoholism in my family, too. (Actually, most people do, I think.) So I need to be working on this issue, too.

    I wish you luck as you give up the wine on most days. It sounds like you have a very good way of managing this--with a non-alcoholic substitute and medication. Good work! Keep us posted on your progress!

    33 days ago
    I may have a small glass of wine with dinner but not always. I have had some weight creep too. Don’t like it one bit. I have been doing one meal a day whenever possible this last month and got rid of some bloat. Yay!
    33 days ago
    Wishing you a great vacation and I know that is a great incentive to get in better shape. I understand about the meds. When Ashley died he had just received a 90 day supply of very expensive meds for his blood disorder and had not even taken 1 pill. I just gave them to the nurses at his hematologist office for anyone that needed them. With insurance I paid over $400 for them.
    33 days ago
    I love Buble. Well, now you have a great goal to look forward to be an incentive for being healthy! Good luck.
    33 days ago
    You'll have a great vacation- emoticon
    33 days ago
    You'll be able to enjoy your vacay so much more now without plantar and hip pain.
    33 days ago
    I had the same issue. I now drink flavored sparkling water (Buble) is pretty good. I add a splash of wine. If I decide to have wine I reverse it: 4 oz of wine with splash of carbonated water. This has worked well for me.
    Good luck!
    33 days ago
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