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just sayin' ... I came home with less

Sunday, November 10, 2019

I left 9 recycled pounds in Texas. We ate alllllll kinds of goodies. I ate when I was physically hungry, ate s-l-o-w-l-y and consciously chewing every small bite and stopped when I was comfortable.

This takes a lot of effort, tons … old habits vs new ones.

But … this works. No food item is good or bad … or off limits. No diet mentality.

Disclaimer … I really, really am NOT throwing my BFF under the bus. She did not do anything I have not done … a kajillion times over and over. But … it was very enlightening to “see”. I have “seen” the light before … but let it slip away.

She ate what ever she wanted … complained openly that she “shouldn’t” be eating anything at all really coz … she’s overweight.

She ate her selected favorites in … two to three gulps … not tasting a dang thing.

She ate numerous time … when she was already stuffed full but still wanted to … eat.

Every physical part of her body hurt … after walking and walking and walking to catch the tram, walk to the quilt show convention center and walk up and down every aisle to see the gorgeous quilts and vendor’s wares.

She didn’t get to actually see it all … coz she sat a lot. I mean … a lot.

She spent a kajillion dollars that she doesn’t have and won’t get any more. Hubby passed away unexpectedly not quite 2 years ago and she has blown through his life insurance … already. She has always, always lived outside their means … but now … there won’t be any more pay checks.

The whole time she was spending money … she kept saying how she shouldn’t. But she continued to.

I missed my hubby … something fierce. He got a cold while I was gone and graciously shared it with me when I got home.

As I sit here sniffing, coughing and all congested … I am also recovering from a day of “eat everything you can coz tomorrow you will start again trying to lose weight”.

I was already losing … weight.

Then I lost … myself.

Change your mind … and the rest WILL follow.
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