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Blue Bloods

Saturday, November 09, 2019

Blue Bloods, 2010-present, CBS
Multi-generational NYC police officers (& 1 prosecutor) in the Reagan family. Police Commissioner Francis (Frank)Reagan is played by Tom Selleck (still working that mustache!). Retired Police Commissioner Henry Reagan is Frank’s dad.Frank had 3 sons that followed him into the police department - 1 a Detective, 1 killed in the line of duty (prior to the beginning of the series),& 1 a beat cop. One daughter became an ADA. Besides all the usual police action, the family gets together for Sunday dinner weekly.

The Weight of the Badge, George Strait, 2019

It's gonna be a long one, another grave yard shift
As he says goodbye to his wife and kids
He spends his life just like his dad's
Driving away under the weight of the badge

He's seen it all in his fifteen years
Watchin' our backs, facing our fears
Lord knows it ain't no easy task
Keeping us safe under the weight of the badge

He swore that oath to protect and serve
Pours his heart and soul into both those words
Lays his life on the line
And the line he walks is razor-fine
Tempered strength is always tough
But he ain't gonna buckle under the weight of the badge

Not that long ago, he woke up in the hospital
With his wife and kids praying by his bed
He said, "I'm gonna be alright
There's just some times you gotta fight"
And the truth is, nothing truer could be said
I do it for us and I do it for them
And I ain't gonna buckle under the weight of the badge

It doesn't weigh a lot until you put it on
And the weight of it is staggering
Then duty calls each time
He knows he's gotta answer
And it's all in the hand of
The heavy weight of the badge
And he ain't gonna buckle
Under the weight of the badge
No, he ain't gonna buckle
Under the weight of the badge


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