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Monday, October 07, 2019

Hi All

This is what my weekly weigh-in looked like this morning.

WEIGHT: 57.5 KG or 126.7 POUNDS


Now for a honest truthful update on my own personal journey at the moment in case it helps someone else out there in SP land with similar issues etc..

I've been thinking a lot about my own personal healthy holistic lifestyle of late due to various reasons.

One thing is my teeth have never been that great! I lost a lot of the enamel off my teeth when I was a child so my mother tells me due to lots of antibiotics.

Mum says now she's sorry way back then she did not know what she knows now about antibiotics and natural healing / medicine. As she said things may have been very different for me and my dental health now.

About 15 years ago now I Had a Root Canal done on one tooth at the back and my original dentist said it was the right thing to do at the time.

As our teeth are Alive yes living I thought especially seeing as they are alive and connected to different parts of our body. I was doing the right thing having that done.

Your teeth are alive see this link:


Now I know better i wish I had never had that done and will never do that again.

On Tuesday night I bit on something hard and something something too hard to bite on in my mouth. I think I must have swallowed it a bit of my tooth enamel came away from one of my back teeth.

Anyone that knows me knows I have a real fear of the dentist especially NEEDLES.

I was looking up stuff and of course there is at this stage no way of growing your enamel back yet. (not that far advanced yet) So I figured I would have to go back to my dentist.

Then i remembered I had watched a few utube video's some time ago on a dentist here on the north side from where I live about a 40 minute drive away that is a HOLISTIC dentist.

"Right up my alley" so to speak a dentist that is into natural health also.

emoticon She's not an advocate of using flouride does not have it in her dental practice.

Uses reverosmosis filtered water everywhere in her dental practice. Likes candles and essential oils. Recommends Oil pulling (something I have been doing daily for a few years now). Has ways to make you feel better if you hate the dentist.

Also likes to look at your diet and nutrition and get a bigger picture on your overall health to see where perhaps you may need to make changes and tweaks to your diet to help your teeth. Tells you about natural health supplements etc... to take for good oral and all over health.

Then along with all this type of approach she does the usual stuff like drilling, filling, teeth whitening, crowns etc.. plus offers orthodontist things like braces etc...

I'm not looking forward to this Thursday when I go, but it will be good to find out exactly what needs to be done to fix the tooth enamel, How much and when it can be done etc...

Not looking forward either to hearing the costs $$$ but oh well...........it's something that has to be done!

I'm also keen to chat to her and ask why do I seem to keep having issues with my teeth?

Especially when my diet is not bad I know that as I eat organically where possible don't eat a lot of red meat. We grow a lot of our own stuff. I have a daily health smoothie, don't have much cakes or sweets hardly ever. Once or twice a month maybe if I'm out with someone or at someone's place and get offered and I don't like to be rude. Hardly drink any soda / soft drink.

I'm guessing they are just weak due to all those antibiotics as a kid perhaps?

She'll get a shock when I turn up with my mother for moral support something the dentist also supports. As............................
.....she wants to know what supplements etc.. you take if any?

I'll be taking all mine in an insulated lunch box with an ice brick. People on here that have seen my blog on my supplements know that I take a lot daily due to osteoarthritis in both hips. Won't go into any detail re that in this blog you can check that other blog for all the information if you wish.

I'll also have a list of all the things I add into my smoothies daily. LIKE: Chia seeds, ground flax seed meal, beef bone broth powder, Lecithin granules, black seeds, melrose cod liver oil, moringa powder, hemp seeds etc.

I'll explain to her about my diet and how we grow some of our own produce and that we have a revervosmosis water filter as well as we hate fluride, chlorine etc... also.

This is something my old dentist would not have been that interested in really.

Will be interesting to hear her thoughts.

In my research over the last few days on trying to figure out why on a relatively very healthy diet most days I seem to have issues with teeth, and inflammation (osteoarthritis) etc...

I've always had less wheat (as that's not healthy in any form) but still had one or two pieces of bread once a fortnight if I felt like it and had pasta about the same maybe once a fortnight all wheat pasta. I think half the things that make up Gluten free pasta & breads etc. is not so healthy either.

I avoid GMO's in every way. Keep a list of the dirty dozen for 2019 and what's GMO in my hand bag for when I go grocery shopping. If something is on the dirty dozen list i only buy it organic or don't buy it. Same for foods that are GMO if it's GMO I buy organic so it's then not GMO.

I learnt through doing this all diary in any form is GMO unless organic.

Terrible really what they do to us. But it's the big corporations that are after money and control. Enough said it annoys me enough I could rant on this one subject for days. Check out google with the term "BIG PHARMA" and see what you come up with if you want. I think you'll be surprised perhaps how they don't have our best interest at heart only their hip pockets and power etc...

All of this has me thinking now is there an underlying cause I am unaware of with body that's causing my teeth issues.

Who knows!!!

Then I think well perhaps I should concentrate my diet more on an anti-inflammation diet, combined with food combining only eating alkaline type foods avoiding acidic.

Done all of this before and it becomes a bit of a boring chore after a long while on it. A lot of things you can and can't eat etc.... A lot of foods are a NO NO !!!

I love My No S Diet Plan along with my intermittent fasting love it. I'll be telling my new dentist about my intermittent fasting and all the diet / eating plans I've tried over the years to get her thoughts on all of this.

Don't think I'll ever stop those two things ever. But now to find out a way to incorporate what to eat in with those guidelines.

For me giving up, I don't like to say bread but Wheat in general would be very hard.

Especially grains in general. Also the humble white potato would be hard to give up.

While I've eaten less wheat in the previous few years, I've still had my potatoes when I felt like them. (hate sweet potato of any kind even the purple Kumra).

I beginning to think I really do have to give both those up and figure out a way to deal with the cravings when they start to happen. Especially have to have a plan in action to deal with any unwanted side effects of giving them up like headaches, body aches and pains etc...

I guess I just have to persist with doing this. I think it could help a lot.

I do avoid lectins thanks Dr. Steven Grundy for making me aware of this one. avoiding those lectins makes you have less things you can eat as well.

One way eating an anti-inflammation diet is great for my hip osetoarthritis but then food combining and only eat alkaline foods would be better for my teeth.

The two diet / eating plans seem upon checking them both out side by side that they would clash if trying to do both at the same time as a mix up eating plan if you like to get the benefits of both.

Also that makes for very restricted eating especially if avoiding any grains wheat, rice, corn etc... and potatoes etc....

But perhaps that's what I need to do. I'm going to wait till I see my dentist on Thursday and see what she has to say on all of this. Then I'll make up my mind on what way is the best way to go for me.

I'm more than happy to totally overhaul my eating if that's what I need to do.

Funny really someones who eats plant based pretty healthy organic most of time thinking I may need to totally overhaul my eating.

Maybe it's what I need to do is give up wheat and simple carbs , potatoes COMPLETELY and put up with wheat and simple carbs and potato withdrawal symptoms till they pass and I'm totally detoxed from them.

I'm more thinking along the lines also of eating mainly seafood with the occasional organic chicken.

By seafood I mean fresh not frozen fish wild caught in Australia nothing farmed, Occasional prawns, scallops and calamari all home cooked. All wild caught fresh Australian.

But as I said earlier I'm waiting till I see the dentist on Thursday till I make up my mind completely on exactly what I'll do.

On another note our dishwasher died. So today Ian (husband) and I went out and brought a new bosch one with a cutlery tray not basket. It's on now and is whisper quiet compared to our old one.

We choose this particular bosch one due to the high number of reviews and that fact it's actually made in Germany. Not just German technology and made or assembled in Malaysia or Thailand etc... It's actually made still in Germany.

It was money we did not want to spend but we knew our old one was on it's last legs as it had been making quiet a loud noise for a while now. It was just a matter of time. It was a cheap haier one that was in the house when we brought it and was 10 years old so I guess it did it's time.

I rarely eat red meat so stopping that will be a breeze!

Anyhow I'm rambling with my thoughts just to give all my spark friends and anyone else in SP land an update and how I'm thinking at the moment in case anyone is interested.

I had best get ready for bed have a lot to do tomorrow, Grocery shopping, Ian's car tyre puncture repair etc...

Busy, Busy, Busy emoticon

I will leave you all with a few thoughts:

Take Care and keep smiling,


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    good luck with your dental visit
    hope she puts you at ease
    cheers richard
    67 days ago
    Paula, I feel your pain! I was on a LOT of antibiotics and they affected my teeth horribly, too. I have a wonderful dentist, though and that is a true blessing.

    He, too, always asks about nutrition and health in general. You turned me onto oil pulling, which my dentist also endorses and my dental health has been much better.

    Good luck w/your new dishwasher. Bosch is a great brand!

    68 days ago
    Good Luck at the new Dentist. Hope she is exactly what you're looking for. Have a great week!☆
    68 days ago
    68 days ago
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