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Day 4 of my NEW life, yeh!!! Soooo happy :-)

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Day 4 of Speed walking, jogging + leisure walking at the Park emoticon

Nancy Lewis Park

emoticon CONFESSION:
I am 63 & I loveeee the Adrenaline RUSH I get from an elevated heart rate!

I even go to the park when no one from my over 60+ meetup group attends due to appointments, etc... I go to the park because it is LITERALLY ADDICTING and it is soooooooooooo FUN there and SAFE!!! Everyone likes to feel safe in their environment I would think :)

and let's be honest... Yes I am the only person of color there because it is in a predominantly Caucasian neighborhood but who cares... no one sees color at least that is how I feel. I also feel very SAFE there and WELCOMED there for real. All dogs are leashed and do not bother my little dogs. The dogs at this park are WELL trained and very Obedient! Once in a while a loose dog is in the MIDDLE of the park on the grass chasing a ball, VERY well-trained with its owner, very obedient and the dog never bothers us at all as if we are invisible LOL.

emoticon EVERYONE is sooooooooo kind and friendly, no joke. it's always Good morning, nice to see you again, etc. My poodle appeared to be aggressive, barking loudly at other dogs passing by... I was soooo embarrassed but by day 2, she has adjusted and does NOT bark at them anymore and they snif each others butt passing by to say hello LOLfunny but true :)

emoticon I tell you I am IN heaven at that park emoticon

Here is a photo of the park:
YES that is indeed a water-fall in the MIDDLE of the lake at the park, beautiful!

at this park I feel "safe"

Me and my babies at the park today 08/22/219

emoticon NOTE: BOTH the Nancy Lewis park and my neighborhood park are in Caucasian neighborhoods so this is NOT a race thing.... sooooo I am not saying one neighborhood is bad and one is good


emoticon There is a DIFFERENCE between...……..

emoticon feeling SAFE and HAPPY and WELCOMED and EVERYONE with like-minded goal orientated people with health and fun in mind by walking or jogging in one place with well-trained obedient dogs and no one is smoking there, etc.


emoticon feeling fearful and STRESSED in another place with STRAY dogs roaming around, or Non-socialized dogs on leashes wanting to attack my babies and possible questionable people at the park just hanging out smoking on park benches, etc. and very little walking or jogging going on... thats why I stopped going there :-( too scary.

emoticon so I "choose" to hang out DAILY and consistently with the people and environment that are like minded, polite, kind, friendly and whose dogs are well-trained and I feel HAPPY and SAFE there... so it worth the drive to the safe and friendly park emoticon

Thank you for reading

hugs, Sharon

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