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Sunday, August 18, 2019

This week has been a very trying week. But I see God's finger on things.

First part of the summer, we had Michaela pushed (dumped) on us. She's 20 years old, with a 12 year old mind. It was very stressful trying to figure how to help her and what was best for her. We had a case with Adult Protective Service against her brother and his wife. We believed Michaela's mother to be unfit, because drug abuse which caused a stroke. She coudln't feed herself or talk, and she was in a wheel chair. That turned out to me mostly a lie. Sorting all this out was a challenge in itself. We took Michaela to see her mother. Her mother was in rehab because she had a stroke. Words can't explain that reunion. They were very loud and joyous. Even the staff came to see what was going on. Like us, they just watched. Joan (Michaela's mother) belileved she would never see her "bably girl" again. She was able to walk at a fast pace down the hall with her walker to her room. A week later Joan was set to be released. It was decided that the best place for Michaela was with her mother.
I was also able to convince both Michaela and Joan that Michaela was no longer the cute little girl that she's a grown woman and she needs to grow up some. Here is a picture of Michaela.

We got that all settled and then our granddaughter, Malia, needed some place to stay and to help her out. We thought that it would be a bigger challenge than Michaela. It turned out much better than we thought it would be. Here is a picture of Malia and Andrea (her sister) when Malia graduated.

Then Bernie! I haven't mentioned much about her lately because she was released to drive again, so she took over all that running around. Well, last week, she fell and broke her neck and cracked a few ribs. Fortunately, her spinal chord was not injured. She was in the hospital until Friday. On Thursday, a hospital social worker called me. She's going to need in home care for 2 weeks. I felt this heavy cloud covering me. Now what? I don't have the time or energy to stay with her. I couldn't think of anyone else.

That evening, I thought of (or God put that thought there) Malia. Why coudln't she do this? She has worked some with home health. She's also worked as a nurse aid in a nursing home. I asked Malia's parents what they thought. I asked a few other people. Everything seemed too perfect. Malia liked the idea, especially that she would get some spending money. Next hurdle! Medicaid won't cover it. Its a complicated situation. But I have more tricks I can use. Or at least, God provided other options. I talked it over our church leadership. They will probably cover it. I still need a ball park amount of what Medicaid would pay. I even explained that it would help me tremendously and it would give Malia the opportunity to see that the church isn't just for begging for money. She could witness the monetary love of the church. Our church is a small church, but also a giving church. The money is available.

The situation with Michaela prepared us to take Malia. Then for us to need Malia at the time that Bernie needed someone to care.

Isn't God good?

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