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Considering the final frontier

Friday, August 09, 2019

I looked at the Hubble image put out by Nasa, and imagined a smoke signal rising into the sky. I turned the image upside down and imagined its resemblance to a popular icon for steaming cup of hot coffee. I turned it sideways and I thought of the Star Trek episode where the Enterprise was being dragged into a planet destroyer.

As I pondered upon the images and my thoughts, I considered insights regarding my self-image, sense of direction towards my goals, sense of family, and more.

Did you know that designations of North, South, East, West are only useful depending on where you are? In outer space, those references are meaningless (where is East of Earth in the Universe?) Right, Left, Up, Down can be useful, but then we recall that gravity changes down into Inward, and up into Outward. Every person's feet are on solid ground meaning we are on the outside of the planet. Think of trees, their roots are inward towards the center of the planet and their limbs stretch away outward into space. If there was no gravity we'd fall up.

Pilots utilized the distinctions of looking at a clock to describe locations -- 12 o'clock, 7 o'clock, et al. This is a self-referential description that allows us to be oriented in our altitude and attitude.

There are those among us who are children of God, meaning born of God and not due to ethnicity, tradition, nor human will. That distinction comes from God, not a claim of our own. As such I propose that you consider our self-referential orientation is either the old nature or new nature.

In our new nature God is shaping us into the image of the Son, and who we are is no longer based on our old nature self. Either we are cooperating with the work of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit to create us according to God's will, or we prefer to be defined by the world and culture around us.

Whether we live intentionally in the Kingdom of God or not, is a vital question to be sure. To strive for real health and progress, or embrace death and ruination, is seen by who we are and how we move and act according to our self-referential orientation.

Col1.13 -- For He rescued us from the domain of darkness, and transferred us to the kingdom of His beloved Son

I pray you will find yourself obviously walking by faith in God through Jesus per Holy Spirit, that you are on the narrow path and not off wandering on a game trail, collapsed into a ditch whether on the left or the right or worse speeding down the paved highway to Hell.

Like children hanging from monkey-bars, may we learn to look at the world with a new perspective. If God is for us, who can stand against us and prevail? Ps. that means even our old-nature self cannot defeat God's will for us.

Keep looking up. One of these days...
peace to all with whom God is well-pleased
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