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Things To Be Happy About

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Today I was browsing through my 5% Challenge pages, looking for "fun pages" that I could drop in on and challenge my mind to find answers.

One of the pages was the Summer 5% Challenge, the topic was "3 Things To Be Thankful For Today".
And I started to write my list of 3 things, thinking it would be easy to get 3 things today, which I don't always find easy to achieve, to put into words.
I just wasn't expecting it to be so difficult today - - - - - to stop at 3!

We have had our older son staying with us, Thursday till today (Sunday), because he needed to working in Glasgow daily Friday to today.
Yes, I am aware that we are "just somewhere to stay", a convenient place to stay that's a convenient distance from where he needs to go each day.
That's my negative frame of mind - I know it's more than just the bed, meals and convenience - but then, what is parenthood???

Thursday -
We had a lovely time with DS on Thursday - he even got here a bit earlier than we thought because traffic wasn't so bad northbound!
Dinner and an evening of chat.

Friday -
Hubby made a *major* breakfast for DS who then went off to work, Then phoned us later to say he'd had an extra booking and would be a bit later back for dinner.
Then we had a lovely evening - just a bit shorter than we were hoping.
Chat, more chat, and most chat - as DS caught us up some more with how his business and his life are going.

Saturday -
Hubby made a more DS-friendly breakfast and gave him his packed lunch.
DS had indicated the previous evening that he might just come home from the work rather than staying on for socialising. But wasn't sure. Phoned us late afternoon to say he'd be home early evening - - for his dinner.
He phoned us later to say he'd be a bit later - but then we had a lovely dinner, and even more chat and even more fun.

Sunday -
Last few minutes this morning with DS :(
Hubby made the DS-friendly breakfast again.
I was up in time to sort out a load of stuff that DS was taking away with him - my decluttering :)

I'll email my daughter-in-love to thank her for my time with DS (even though she had no say in the matter). And to give her my well wishes for her time at the conference she's going to that needed DS to be home with her tonight for her to get the car tomorrow (Monday) :)
I know how good it used to make me feel when my mother-in-law phoned and thanked me for my hubby/her son being with her - I'd like to pass that feeling on. It *is* quite different circumstances, but . . .

I also need to ask her a couple of questions about Polish/English. Part of the chat, both Friday and Saturday evening, was about language.
On Saturday evening, there was a bit more chat re Polish between DS and me, and he couldn't answer all my at-the-time questions.
And hubby wasn't as negative, last night (Saturday), as I thought he might be as DS and I chatted re Polish. Certainly, I did keep throwing hubby German equivalents!
Info - our language chat roved through English, Polish, German, Swedish, as well as Latin, Greek, Russian - DS even had a couple of phrases of Finnish to throw into the mix!
It was great fun - only better if Daughter-in-Love had been with us :)

So - - things to be happy about - - just 3 is impossible today, even though I didn't get to any of the church meetings today, mainly for hubby's sake :)
* I have had such a blast with our older son.
* I have had such a revelation re hubby's help, this weekend - even though I wasn't always the nicest!
* I managed to get so much done in the house last week.
* I have been catching up with my laundry.
* i have been catching up again, today, with my SP stuff.
* I have been catching up again, today, with my FB stuff.
* I have been catching up today with TV and other stuff.
* I didn't get to church today, but I am OK with that, becos it was hubby's health.
* I have had time today with my own bible study.
* I had time with hubby this afternoon.
* I have done stuff this afternoon around the house, despite migraine.
* I managed more Polish study today - brand new stuff and new stuff with revision.
And -
* Hubby and I have had a major chat about stuff, and clearing the air, this evening.

D'you know what - there's more. But my mind is now beginning to shut down.

Oh - just remembered another thing that I liked today - a poem my DS gave me a link to last night, that I laughed so out loud that hubby came through from the kitchen to find out what was happening.
I sent the link to a friend - and he seemed quite happy. Another link for me today with my church folk, even though I wasn't there.

Do I need to justify my problem with *only* 3 things to be happy about?

I don't need to justify myself, to anyone, even to my friends.
And my friends - especially my SP friends - will sooooo understand where I'm coming from, right now.

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