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Monday, June 10, 2019

Lassie, 1954-74 Various incarnations on TV

Lassie started out as a short story, set in Scotland. It was expanded into a full length book, “Lassie Come-Home” in 1940, and later made into a movie of the same name in 1943. “Lassie” is a nickname for a young or unmarried girl. Collies come on both rough coats (like most people think of) and smooth (short hair).

Trivia - male rough collies have fuller coats than females. Thus, for most of the various shows & movies, “Lassie” was played by male collies. Good thing dogs don’t worry about being misidentified by gender. When “Lassie” had puppies, they used a female dog.

I can’t remember much about the series, but I seem to remember “Timmy” being accident prone. He and Lassie would be traipsing in the woods and he’d fall (or something would fall on him), and he’d say “Lassie, get help!”. Lassie would run home to the oblivious parents and bark. They would have a conversation “what is it, girl?” Bask, bark. “What’s that, girl? Timmy fell into the well?” Bark, bark, bark “.

(Timmy said he likes it in the well.
He gonna stay there a while.
He said you should give me the hot dog)

(No lyrics)


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