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5/25/2019 Been away too long but purchased a rebounder

Saturday, May 25, 2019

So much time has passed by. Finally settled in my condo. MRI and 3D on the girls are fine, but still on anastrozole.

On another note, younger daughter, Emily was married a year ago on May 19, 2018; same day as Megan Markle and Prince Harry but she and her hubby picked that date and their venue a couple years prior. So....

And about the same time, right before Emily's wedding, I went to get new hearing aids because the analog ones died. I ended up getting new digital ones. As it was the hearing aid dispenser had a hard time with what he wanted to prescribed: do we use the mold forms which are made or the ear buds? After much frustration on both of our parts, we opted for the ear buds. Then right after her wedding, I started sneezing and sneezing and sneezing. I thought it was a cold. We finally figure it out after several weeks it was because of the sinus infection I was suffering from, it wasn't a cold.

Then in June her father-in-law passed away from cancer; I believe it was esophageal. She told me that he had trouble swallowing but no one could have thought he had cancer.
(He was a rheumatologist, very well known in his neck of the medical field.) It was decided that after chemo and some radiation that he would wait until after the wedding to have surgery, but that never happened. It was such a shocker to my new SIL.

I went to attend his memorial service which was held out of state in Virginia Beach, that I stayed at a very old, and familiar hotel, for the weekend. It was very humid and I don't do well in heat. It was then that I became, unwell. As it was, it turned out to be a very sore throat and by the time I returned home, it was a full blown sinus infection.

I went to my old PCP who said it was all the wet weather that we have had with molds and spores and such. And so she put me on an inhaler, Breo Elliptia. (Spell?) And so been on OTC allergy med, Mucinex, not to mention the anastrozole, the bp, or all the different vitamins. I really was hoping I wouldn't go down the slippery slope of pills. (Yes, I am still on them all as of today.)

Fast forward a year, I've been to 3 ENT head & neck surgeons, a pulmonologist, an allergist, and gone through one PCP who has since left the practice and so am with a new PCP who is Navy, a woman, worked in Japan and Johns Hopkins and now in my neck of the woods.

First ENT wanted me to go on prednisone. No! Had a bad reaction to it the last time. So I was sent to another one locally. Went to the 2nd one, and he looked up my proboscis and said I was missing a landmark. (I had sinus surgery years ago where the ENT broke the cartilage and removed a small piece near the bridge of my nose so that he could clear me out, which he did. But they don't do that procedure any more now a days.) He didn't want to do anything for me but recommended a 3rd ENT head & neck surgeon at GBMC.

In the meantime, last September, I literally could not breathe out of either nostril and I was due for a colonoscopy. Had that done, but they gave me oxygen which was both good and bad. It broke up some of the hard stuff and at least I was able to breathe somewhat but still not good. Two days later, I was whistling through my nose, which kept me awake at night, and then a low wheeze, then coughing with some icky stuff. Still not clear. Sounds like bronchitis but it wasn't because I had a chest x-ray done and it showed my lungs were clear.

To the allergist I go. She says that I sound really bad and my breathing which should have been like 100 was only 25 after doing some type of breathe in, exhale type of test. She recommends that I go back to an ENT.

I go to one at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center. The 3rd one said that I was a candidate for sinus surgery but he would scrape my sinuses to the bone and then I would be on a steroid nasal spray for the rest of my life. I said no can do. I have lichen planus which is an autoimmune disease and effects the mucus membranes in my mouth and in my nose. So he had a liquid steroid compound made up so that I could use it in a neti-pot. The stuff burns like the dickens. I use that every few days. But still coughing up icky.

Had a 2nd chest x-ray done. Lungs are still clear. But the Certified Nurse Practitioner at the oncologist's office didn't like the way I sounded when coughing. Neither do I. So she says I need to go back to the PCP and get this cleared up. LOL! I am trying lady! I am trying!

Then my regular PCP would no longer be in the medical group that I belonged to. So I had to have a new PCP. After a discussion with the patient liaison, I found a woman doctor I thought I would do well with.

And found out that my new PCP is retired from the Navy, practiced in Japan, worked at Johns Hopkins and that her husband is also retired from the Navy and an ENT head and neck surgeon. So I will be seeing him soon as she gave me a referral. It will be interesting to see what he thinks.

I just believe I have a lot of gunk behind the bridge of my nose which is the problem.

I just recently had my annual hearing test done. That's been stable so that's good news.

Well, the best and good news is: I am a grammy again! Little Owen Timothy was born in April and I just recently returned from visiting for a few days with his mama, (my daughter), Julie, son-in-law, and the other two young grandsons in Florida.

The boys will be 6 and 3 soon, and they have a trampoline in the back yard. And yes, this old grammy got up on the trampoline and bounced with them and them did some jumping with them!

Holy Toledo! I haven't jumped on a trampoline since I was in junior high school! I had so much fun and felt so much better, and slept decently for a change.

It was then that I decided I would do some research to find either a rebounding class or purchase a rebounder for use in my condo. After considerable searching, and finally an online chat with a representative from Cellercise, I purchased today the bi-fold Cellercise with bar. It should be coming this week, possibly Tuesday. I am so looking forward to this rebounder. Since I live on the top floor and have a loft I can use it there. But I was also told that the rebounder is quiet and many people use them in their condos. So we shall see!

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    I second @Berry4 comment - I suffer from sinus issues too and the thing that really got me finally behind the 8 ball was eliminating storeboughten pasteurized homogenized milk and really any sort of processed dairy in junk food etc. I'm not as bad with fermented stuff like yogurt and kefir.

    Getting more sleep also helps me (like I should be in bed now, but no, it's 11:30 pm and I'm still online). And Sage oil or making tea with just the regular sage like you buy to put in Thanksgiving Turkeys etc - I was coughing up wads of sinus gook after a few hours of drinking sage tea and huffing the sage oil (kinda burns but not any worse than the various meds you have shoved up your nose. I feel for you! I was on a bunch of flonase and other gook and they really did nothing for me either. Ohhh and remind me - or maybe it's already written here on Sparkpeople somewhere - to tell you about my experience with the ENT doctor who was wanting to sell me a cochlear implant and was mad when I simply stopped the dairy and my hearing improved (still deaf, but the "losses" I had from the sinus issue, that cleared up...). He wasn't a happy camper when I came back 6 months later....

    Really any foods that are high in vitamin C or in anti-inflammation type foods - super dark chocolate made with stevia or no sugar at least, or grapefruit, whatever you can tolerate - bell peppers, hot peppers, there's a lot of fruits and veggies that are high in vitamin C.

    Rebounding will probably shake things up too!! Drink lots of water!!

    Some people and I do use mine occasionally, not like I used to, but anyway before I distracted myself, some people gain a lot of benefit using a Neti Pot with warm saline water to help flush the gook out.

    Hang in there!!


    472 days ago
    Congratulation to Emily on getting married. It's a shame about her FIL dying so soon.

    Congratulation on having another grandson.

    I'm sorry you have been so sick and hope it is completely resolved soon.

    Enjoy your rebounder!
    479 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/28/2019 11:39:19 AM
  • BERRY4
    I'm assuming you've eliminated all dairy for at least a month?? -- I was very surprised to experience a complete relief of my sinus issues. Anyway, just a thought!
    481 days ago
  • no profile photo HOTPINKCAMARO49
    Awesome! Way to go! I have one, also.
    481 days ago
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